Old grandmother’s alum conquer the future, leaving the smell of sweat in the past

So the summer came. Long-awaited sunny days came, young leaves appeared on the trees and green grass, the sun warmed – and again there was a need to solve this delicate problem of wet armpits, stains on clothes and smell!

There is an excellent solution to this issue.Have you ever heard of the “Fresh Crystal”? The “freshness crystal” is a wonderful gift of nature, an environmentally friendly, saline mineral, a powerful alternative to chemical deodorants.

“Fresh Crystal” is a 100% natural product of mountain-volcanic origin. This forgotten substance was successfully used by our grandmothers and was known as “alum” ..

All of us, regardless of gender, age, weight and state of health – sweat. And this is a natural physiological process necessary for thermoregulation and removal of decay products – slags and toxins from the body. So sweating is useful and necessary, and blocking this protective function can lead to undesirable consequences. But here’s the smell …

The “crystal of freshness” has a natural bacteriostatic effect. Being a powerful adsorbent, it dehydrates the bacteria on the skin that are the cause of the smell, and causes their death. No bacteria – no smell. In parallel, the “Fresh Crystal” sorbs the exposed moisture, providing you with a comfortable feeling. The “freshness crystal” is the only deodorant permitted for use by pregnant and lactating people, since the molecules of the “crystal” do not penetrate the body, do not affect the function of glands, do not accumulate in the body.

All transformations with odor occur from the outside, on the skin.

The “crystal” itself does not have a smell, which makes it possible to apply the “Freshness Crystal” to patients with bronchial asthma. It suits people suffering from allergies. According to the duration of the exposure, the “crystal” has no competitors – until the “crystal” coating is washed off the skin, bacteria are not re-colonized by bacteria. “Crystal” has no expiration date, and one “crystal” weighing 120 grams is enough for more than two years of daily use.

The “Freshness Crystal” has a lot of other advantages: it helps fight inflammations of problem skin, men can use the “crystal” after shaving – this is a guarantee against the appearance of irritation, it can disinfect wounds and stop bleeding, it removes skin itch after mosquito bites and Simuliidae, it protects against fungal skin lesions.

The convenience of the “Freshness Crystal” is also in the variety of forms of matter. You can use the “crystal” in a solid form, in the form of a powder or as a spray.

The spray is pleased with the simplicity of the idea. You buy dry granules in a vial and just add water – as much as you like. Granules dissolve gradually, as the liquid is used and added. Powders are not less convenient and allow you to solve the problem of sweating and foot odor. Powders are very convenient for trips, for people who lead an active lifestyle, engage in sports and prefer active outdoor activities.

Buying the “Crystal of Freshness”, you will get not only a reliable hygienic product, but also an extraordinary souvenir.

The fact is that the “Fresh Crystal” is made in the Philippines – it’s handmade. “Crystals” are packed in coconut baskets, bamboo boxes, beautiful linen bags and in natural Pacific shells. The gift will not only be useful, but also beautiful. Make yourself and your loved ones an unusual gift that keeps the warmth of the Philippine sun and the freshness of the ocean.

Buy “Fresh Crystals”, as well as new items from Thailand “Crystals-Deonate” can be found in stores in the city of Novosibirsk .

Wholesale buyers are expected at OOO Modus-MS, which is the exclusive representative of the manufacturing company Danfil Trading International (Philippines) in Russia and the CIS and the distributor of Rein Fresh Co., Ltd, Tonsombat Co., Ltd (Thailand).

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