Olaplex No.0 it saved my dry and damaged hair

The Olaplex range has a number of different products, and different steps from No.0 to No.7; used for salon and at-home hair treatments.

Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Kit, £26, Space NK

Cult Beauty offers the No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Kit, which comes with a test tube of the infamous No.3 Hair Perfector.

You’ve probably said no to an Olaplex treatment at the hairdresser, last time you got your roots touched up – because you didn’t know what it was, couldn’t justify spending any more money, or didn’t think it could live up to the hype. I’ve been the same, in the past.

However, lockdown left my hair more damaged than it’s ever been before; I’ve never had hair breakage, until now. Home dye jobs (I know, I know), no split ends trimmed off for five months and general neglect has left me with brittle, broken and generally sad hair. I got the dye fixed recently, and was recommended the new Olaplex treatment.

It uses cutting-edge ‘bond-building technology’ that gives fuller, sleeker, and softer looking hair. The No.0 is full of Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate (yeah, I don’t know what that is either, but sounds sciency?), which locks in moisture.


I’m a lover of bold makeup, fun hair colours and the occasional tweakment. However, my penchant for trying the latest hair trend has, unsurprisingly, left my strands a little lacklustre.


Olaplex No.0 is the consistency of water, with a slight oil texture to it. And it’s super easy to apply – you saturate the hair from root to tips, on dry hair, and leave it for 10 mins.

Then, you don’t rinse, but slather on the No.3 (which is more like a hair mask, and smells delicious), and leave that for 10 minutes too.

Once the treatment is done, shampoo and conditioner as usual. I left mine to naturally dry (because my hairdryer is broken, and I took that as a sign from the Hair Gods to avoid heat).


My hair hasn’t looked this healthy since it was virgin, 10 years ago, before I bleached it to within an inch of its life. The wispy tufts aren’t as visible, and it feels smoother and stronger.

I’d love to use this treatment once a week, but it’d rack up a hefty bill – so I’m going to treat myself once a month, and bless my hair with Olaplex. Hopefully the more I use it, the more it’ll help. Turns out, it *totally* lives up to the hype.

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