Beauty fans are going wild for this setting spray they swear kept their makeup in tact during labour

When it comes to testing your makeup to its limits though, there are some situations that you’d assume no amount of spritzing could withstand – tequila shots and drunken festival dancing ’till the early hours, for instance.

There’s nothing like a sweaty commute, spring showers and an ever-changing office temperature to put our makeup through its paces, which is why setting spray is a makeup bag essential as soon as we make it into the office loos.

But according to beauty fans, there’s one setting spray to rule them all. One that can help your flawless makeup withstand some of life’s toughest tests of endurance – think breakups, hookups – even childbirth.

The makeup hero in question is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray, which preserves that ‘just-applied’ look whilst controlling oil, guarding against shine, and preventing fading, so you hardly ever need to touch up.

The staying power is all down to time release technology, which cools the surface of your makeup and locks in your entire look for up to 12 hours, without settling into fine lines.

If you don’t take our word for it, scroll through some of the hilarious reviews on Urban Decay’s website for a slew of glowing testimonials. Seriously, these women’s reviews are all the confirmation you need that this multitasking makeup protector really does deliver the goods.

“I used this before a night out. I got dumped on this night out and even after half an hour of crying on the pub bathroom floor and eight shots of tequila my makeup still stayed flawless. Thank you Urban Decay,” one customer wrote.

“Today I went to the gym and had a full face of makeup, which I know is really bad but at least I hit the gym. Anyway, my makeup did not budge, even with me sweating and wanting to die halfway into my workout – my eyebrows and face were in tact. When I took my makeup off after leaving the gym, my face was bright pink… Urban Decay hid that from the world, so thanks boo,” another wrote.

“I used this before a night out, had a one night stand and the next morning my makeup was perfectly in place. He is still none the wiser I look like a witch without makeup and if that isn’t worth a 5-star rating, I don’t know what is,” one woman revealed.

“I did my makeup and used this spray before being admitted to hospital to give birth,” another enthused. “Not only did it last the afternoon of me crying from contractions, it lasted through my labour.

“Even afterwards, my makeup still looked flawless and the nurses were floored that I looked that good even after giving birth. I will always recommend this.”

Our favourite review, however, has to be this brilliant confession: “Fell into a hot tub at a party – clothes and hair ruined but makeup survived!”

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