April 15, 2024

Oh, I Am Sorry I Was Acting Like A ‘Crazy B * tch’ While You Were Treating Me Like Sh * t

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I harm your feelings by acting a little bit over the line? I really did not indicate to. I do not know what has actually entered me. In some cases I think it is since you were treating me like sh * t, however after that I resemble, ” Nooo, he is so good. It had to be me. ”

It had to be me because in your mind I am the ‘insane b * tch’ with a mindset trouble and a perplexed brain that just had to react to everything. Like that time when you made a remark about me obtaining a little weight and also not looking as attractive as I once was, as well as I obtained extremely dismayed about it. Yeah, I was soo over the line and “I am sorry” for elevating my voice and also talking my mind.

As well as perhaps I must additionally excuse that time I called you an a-hole when I saw you exchanging and flirting number keeping that lady in the club in front of me. I imply, how crazy was I to also obtain disturbed at you doing a “normal” point that all men do. That’s exactly how this globe functions currently, you informed me. ridiculous me, you weren’t doing anything incorrect.

Oh, yes … Remember that time I had broken apart in splits and opened my heart concerning everything as well as informed you whatever that wasn’t working for me as well as just how I wished to be treated? I’m sorry that I ‘d place you with it. You need to have really felt horrible. Poor baby.

However, I believe that the craziest I’ve been while we were together were the times when I ‘d anticipated you to treat me with regard. I indicate begun, what was I assuming? I was really getting on your nerves back then. In your mind, you must have heard the audio of the rescue prepared to take me to a healthcare facility since evidently— I was crazy. I am sorry that you needed to handle all that mess.

Ultimately, I hope that you will forgive the following woman you deal with like garbage. That you’ll forgive her spitefulness and madness. Since that’s what we women do. Exactly how might have you, a smart and also psychologically fully grown man, ever before known what takes place inside a lady’s head? Certainly, you could not. You have better things on your mind to manage.

As well as of course, I am sorry that you will never obtain the mockery behind my ‘sorrys. ’ You never ever did. Anyway … I am sorry.

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