Obscure phobias that might make you giggle

The fear of balding. This is also used to describe the fear of bald people.

This describes the fear of living in an unhealthy relationship.

The fear of going out to eat with people.

The fear of anything coming from the left.

The constant fear of being sued by someone.

This describes the fear of being scared. For example, someone who is afraid of cats may never see a cat, but they will live in constant fear of running into one.

The fear of young people. You never know what those little fuckers are up to.

This is the fear of flutes.

This is the fear of slime or goo.

The fear of sitting down or sitting still.

The fear of writing in public or being seen writing things down.

The fear of a stepmother. Thanks, Disney.

This term describes the fear of good news. HOW?!

The fear of chopsticks.

The fear of not having your phone on you.

The fear of empty spaces. Having too much room is terrifying for people with Kenophobia.

The fear of laughing and laughter.

This describes the fear of literally everything. Someone with Panophobia is constantly in fear that something bad is going to happen to them at every corner.

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