Meet the incredible woman who wrote on Game of Thrones this season

There were a lot of furious fans disappointed with the way some characters were written in this final, eighth season. They were particularly angry about the way female characters were represented and many suggested that the show would have benefited from having more female writers and directors on board.

Remember when all we could talk about was Game of Thrones? For six Mondays running this year, we watched as those beloved, flawed, cosily dressed characters met their final fates. It was a real ordeal.

A lot of media outlets, including GLAMOUR, reported that there hadn’t been a female writer in the Game of Thrones writers’ room in years.

As it turns out, there was – and we think you should know about her.

As her IMDB page shows, Gursimran Sandhu was a staff writer on six episodes of the latest season. She worked on The Iron Throne, The Bells, The Last of The Starks, The Long Night and The King of The Seven Kingdoms. If you scroll through her CV, you’ll see that she started out as an assistant to showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weis. She held that position for 27 episodes, from 2015 to 2017. Then she must have been promoted to staff writer, which is obviously brilliant.

Gursimran has had an impressive and exciting career so far. According to her website, her short film, Homecoming, screened in over 45 festivals and was a finalist for the Director’s Guild of America Student Award. Her personal essay “When My Indian Mom Divorced My Dad, She Became an Outcast. It Also Saved Her Life” went viral on the Huffington Post. In her (private) Instagram bio, she hints that she’s working on projects for Apple and Disney. We cannot wait to see what she does next.

The fact remains, of course, that Game of Thrones would have been a better show if more women, and people of colour, had been integral to the creative process. That is true of the entire entertainment industry. There have only been two other female writers on Game of Thrones throughout its run: Jane Espenson wrote one episode and Vanessa Taylor wrote three. But Gursimran Sandhu worked on the final season of television’s most ambitious show – and that’s incredible.

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