This Dance Set to Doja Cat’s “Boss B*tch”

As if I needed another reason to spend countless hours watching dance routines on YouTube, this choreography set to Doja Cat’s “Boss B*tch” is the most badass video I’ve seen all week. Choreographed by Minny Park, the routine uses popping, rocking, hip shakes, and more to translate the message of the song into a dance routine that has me hyped to try it for myself.

It’s like taking a sexy dance class, so please excuse me while make an attempt to learn these moves and count it as my weekend workout. Watch the full video here, and stay through to the end to see two little girls put their own twist on the supercool choreography.

This ’80s Dance Routine to Dua Lipa’s “Physical” Has Me Ready to Jazzercise

Slip into a neon bodysuit and put your ponytail up high, because this dance routine to Dua Lipa’s “Physical” will make you feel the burn. The ’80s-themed routine, choreographed by Uy Albert on YouTube, has me imagining the days when jazzercise was hot and zebra-striped underwear over leggings were all the rage.

In what I can only describe as a colorful blur of spandex, scrunchies, and fanny packs, this group channels all the radical vibes as they dance along to Dua’s energetic hit. Watch the full video here and dance along if you’re feeling the beat.

After All the Bachelor Drama, What Is Hannah Ann’s Status Right Now?

After her very public engagement and breakup with Peter Weber on The Bachelor finale, we’re very invested in hoping that Hannah Ann Sluss has found happiness again. Is she dating anyone right now? While she hasn’t revealed anything publicly, at least one social media post suggests that she’s definitely moving on.


On the Bachelor subreddit, Reddit user u/nikilily shared a picture that appears to show Hannah Ann pretty cozy in a pool hall with a guy who is definitely not Peter or anyone else we’ve seen on Bachelor shows before. The guy in question? That would be Josh Dobbs, a friend of hers who happens to be a quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars! The two of them do follow each other on Instagram, and he showed up in her Insta stories matching up to the outing where they were spotted in the picture, so it’s absolutely possible that they’re more than friends.

Spoiler expert Reality Steve also reported on the pair’s public “date,” citing sources who said Hannah Ann and Josh were “were all over each other and making out,” although he stressed that these were unconfirmed reports and could very well have been made up.

While on Tuesday’s “After the Final Rose” live show, Hannah Ann’s appearance was wholly focused on revisiting and addressing her breakup with Peter; she wasn’t asked at all about her current relationship status.

Of course, it does make sense that she hasn’t been able to address anything about who she’s dating now, since the finale has only just now aired, and it’s understandable if she’d rather keep things somewhat quiet for the time being, especially given how publicly her relationship with Peter imploded. Regardless of whether she’s dating Josh Dobbs, someone else, or no one at all right now, we definitely hope that she finds love and happiness in whatever form she needs!

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