April 20, 2024

NYX Is Releasing a Raunchy New Collection Inspired by Netflix’s Sex Education

NYX is gearing up to launch its sexiest collaboration yet. The budget brand just teamed up with Netflix to roll out a limited-edition makeup collection inspired by the platform’s raunchy British comedy series Sex Education.

Sex Education made its debut on Netflix back in 2019 and it follows the story of a sexually inexperienced teenager named Otis (Asa Butterfield), who, regurgitating his sex therapist mother’s advice, teams up with a fellow classmate to start a secret sex-therapy clinic at their high school. The new, gender-neutral makeup collection is set to be released ahead of the show’s third season, which officially drops on Sept. 17.

The full lineup takes inspiration from the show’s themes and characters and will include a “Magic Maker” eyeshadow palette inspired by Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), Otis’s gay best friend; a “Bush Tamer” brow gel inspired by Maeve (Emma Mackey), Otis’s sex-clinic partner; the “Always On Top” setting spray, inspired by Otis; a “1st Base” primer, inspired by Ola (Patricia Allison), Otis’s love interest; and the “Juicy Secret” lip gloss, inspired by Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood), a popular student who develops a secret friendship with social outcast Maeve.

The lineup will also feature a set of jumbo eyeliner pencils in bright, pastel colors.

The NYX x Sex Education makeup collection will be available to shop on Aug. 28, and no product will retail for more than $25. Read ahead to get a look at what’s included.

Sound the Alarms – Station 19 Season 5 Is Almost Here, and It’s Going to Be Hotter Than Ever

The emotionally charged season four finale, titled “Forever and Ever, Again,” ends with the team at the wedding of Maya Bishop and Carina DeLuca. And while this should set the scene of absolute romance and doves flying in the air (because seriously, who thought the free-spirited Carina would ever get married? ), it ends up being the dramatic climax for a few of the other couples in attendance, namely newlyweds Andy Herrera and Robert Sullivan.

Before we discuss Andy’s frustration with Robert (which is pulled through the entire episode), we have to discuss the most touching moment of the one-hour episode, and potentially the season: Maya confronting her abusive father. Though Maya has a difficult relationship with her parents, going to her childhood home to offer her mother asylum from her father is not only empowering for anyone who has had a complicated relationship with their guardians (which tends to have remnants that trickle into adult relationships), but it also allows her to fully enjoy her big day, which, thankfully, her mother does end up attending.

Andy and Robert, though romantic in their initial union, provide a look into communication styles in romantic relationships as a whole. Throughout the season, we witness them finding their groove one way or another. However, in the finale, we see more of Andy screaming at and giving the cold shoulder to Robert, along with his attempts to explain himself. About what, you may ask? Don’t worry, it’s revealed in the very last seconds of the hour after multiple flashbacks to a fire two days prior.

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