Kris Jenner stars in Kanye West’s new music video

Kanye’s new music video – that dropped on Thanksgiving – is said to be filmed on the ranch that he recently bought for casual sum of $14 million dollars. And it shows Kris Jenner emerging from an army of jeeps.

Meanwhile Kanye and Kim Kardashian walk hand in hand across an almost post-apocalyptic scene after appearing to have slept in the desert with their four children.

The Kardashians are infamous for keeping it in the family and now Kanye is enlisting the help of his family and the Momager of all Momagers, Kris Jenner for his latest music video, ‘Closed On Sunday’.

Kris Jenner seems to take on a military role in ‘Closed On Sunday’ as she emerges from her jeep in her beige teddy bear coat and industrial garb and appears a little perplexed by the scene. You and us both, Kris.

Kris then joins a gathered crowd that includes Kourtney Kardashian and her children. Saint West isn’t about to be upstaged by the gathered crowd and is seen to poke is tongue out alongside his eldest sister, North West.

As the music video unfolds another group of gathered people appear to almost worship around Kanye who is the focal point of a circle. The scenes are nothing short of a Kanye Cult and he’s definitely taking this music video to church, just like his now infamous Sunday Service.

However always the star, North West modelling space buns and a blue hoodie steals the scene with a solo screaming sequence. Well that’s one way to take the attention away from your father and his assembled cult, isn’t it North babes!

As ever the true meaning of Kanye’s music video for Closed on Sunday is perplexing to say the least but we are here for Kommander Kris and a good diva fit from North West.

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