This Montage of 20 Funny Scenes From Friends Will Have You Full-On Cackling

Whatever TV-viewing plans you had in store for tonight, cancel them, because trust me: you’ll want to set aside some time to watch this montage of hilarious moments from Friends.

TBS put together an incredible video highlighting 20 of the show’s most hilarious scenes, and while it definitely doesn’t contain all the iconic moments – an impossible feat – the montage doesn’t disappoint. Ross’s leather pants? Check.

Phoebe’s iconic running skills? Obviously. Joey’s unforgettable game-show appearance? Why yes, of course.

If you have time to watch the whole thing, by all means, do it – but if not, you can peek at the list of timestamps for each scene to skip ahead to different highlights.

Don’t miss some of our favorites:

  • When Joey puts on all those clothes at once – 2:09
  • When Ross gets that memorable spray tan – 6:49
  • When Rachel fights with Will Colbert ( Brad Pitt) on Thanksgiving – 8:59
  • When Chandler and Ross help Joey prep for Bamboozled – 16:49
  • When Phoebe tells Monica about a family recipe from “Nestle Toll House” – 26:21
  • “PIVOT!” – 30:43

We may or may not be rewatching this montage repeatedly as we prep for the buzzy Friends reunion special on HBO Max coming up in May. Could we BE more ready?!

If You’re Into The Witcher, You Need to Watch These 15 Other Shows ASAP

The story of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri on Netflix’s The Witcher, which is based on a book series, is indisputably captivating. After binging through the eight brutal (yet so exciting) episodes of season one, I’m itching for more drama. While I wait for season two to be released, I’ve compiled some great ideas of other entertainment to satisfy my fantasy TV void.

After all, who couldn’t use a little more fantasy in their lives? There are plenty of TV shows similar to The Witcher on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and Disney, so if you consider yourself a fan of the series, here are 15 shows you might enjoy while we wait!

Josh Gad and Luke Evans Will Star in Disney’s Villainous Beauty and the Beast Prequel Show

Get excited, Disney-villain fans! The live-action Beauty and the Beast film has inspired a prequel series dedicated to Gaston and LeFou, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The six-episode Disney series will star Luke Evans (Gaston) and Frozen‘s Josh Gad (LeFou) in their previous roles and expand on the world of Beauty and the Beast by giving us a glimpse at Gaston’s past. Just like the original Disney movie and 2017’s live-action reboot, the series will be set to musical numbers, and you know what they say: no one sings like Gaston.

Gad is also signed on as a writer, cocreator, and showrunner, and Once Upon a Time‘s Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will join him as executive producers. While Disney has yet to announce a premiere date for the series, we can only hope that means there’s time for even more of the live-action cast to sign on as part of the project.

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