People with sensitive eyes are raving about this ultra-gentle mascara

Even when we tone it down with a mascara slick and liquid flick, we still find ourselves approaching the cosmetics case with caution, fearing the impromptu weepy eye will strike and undo all our hard work. But why does this happen?

For those who suffer with sensitive eyes, smoky eye looks are pretty much off the cards.

Whether liquid liner, mascara, shadow or kohl, loading on eye products risks dealing with irritation, stinging and ultimately, a whole load of black (mixed with tears) running down our face. And no one wants that.

It’s all to do with the formula. Fragrance (sometimes under the guise of ethylene brassylate) is one of the key contributors of sensitivity in eye makeup, as is alcohol.

That’s why ILIA has opted for 99% natural ingredients to create it’s Limitless Lash Mascara, 25% of which are organic. The gentle formula is created to be kind on sensitive eyes, while boosting your lash health with conditioning shea butter and fortifying keratin, and it seems customers couldn’t be happier with the results.

People with sensitive eyes are raving about this ultra-gentle mascara

“Best non toxic mascara I have ever used. Best mascara I have ever used, period – including the bad toxic stuff”, one customer comments. “This formula is the best chemical free that I’ve found”, claims another.

Even with the natural and sensitive interest aside, it seems this mascara still scores full marks.

“My lashes look fantastic and no smudging or flaking. Highly recommend this product”, one comment reads, while another customer praises how “Lashes look significantly longer and they don’t dry out and clump together throughout the day. Really impressed with this stuff.”

Want to try it for yourself? The mascara has (understandably) sold out on most websites, however you can bag ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara for £35 on Net-a-Porter. The price may make your eyes water, but the mascara definitely won’t!

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