Novosibirsk doctors call on women to be more careful in the hygiene of genital organs

“It’s so intimate!” – whispered Renata Litvinova in advertising the gel for special care. Indeed, it is not accepted to discuss this – the majority are satisfied with the information received from the mother in childhood: it is necessary to wash in the mornings and evenings with hot water and soap and change panties daily. 

That’s how we live.However, new means for intimate hygiene appear on the market, pads for every day have become a constant attribute of female life, as well as a violation of the vaginal microflora. She learned about how to behave in the bathroom.

Than to wash

“Hands off the vagina!” – warns those who believe that you need to wash inside, the gynecologist of the center “Ecopark” Elena Milyukova. The fact is that in a healthy microflora of the vagina, the path to the uterus with unnecessary microorganisms is closed by lactobacilli, which secrete lactic acid.

Acidic environment of the vagina depresses pathogenic bacteria, but if for some reason, including when the soap solution constantly gets in, the environment becomes alkaline, microbes do not interfere with anything. Treatment of external genitals with usual soap is fraught with problems with the mucosa:

“Perfumed supplements in the soap can cause allergies, irritation and dry the skin,” says the doctor. Gels for intimate hygiene are just designed to keep the mucous in normal, without breaking, so to speak, the acid balance from the outside.

According to Elena Milyukova, the means for intimate hygiene help in combating harmful microorganisms and preventing various diseases: often gels have an antifungal effect, they contain extracts of natural antiseptics.

“If there is such a proposal as a means for intimate hygiene, then why not use them? – says Marina Glushenkova, gynecologist of the medical center “Catharsis”. “Their use will undoubtedly benefit women.” Also good are such products as napkins for intimate hygiene – they can be used in conditions when an ordinary toilet is impossible: “Now there are napkins even for different ages – for girls, for older women, for women of reproductive age – they are comfortable and safe,” – Dr. Glushenkova is sure. With an appeal not to “climb” into the vagina, gynecologists turn to douche lovers.

“In no case, if there are no specific prescriptions of the doctor, you can not syringe at personal request,” warns Elena Milyukova. – Washing out the microflora, you open the way to infections. ”

Special attention

According to the calculations of those who love to count everything, a woman spends 7 years of life in a state of menstruation. And if in ordinary days the hygiene of the genitals should be thorough, then in the critical you need to focus on purity. Water procedures are recommended not two, but several times a day, without the use of detergents. “Blood is a hotbed for bacteria,” says Dr. Milyukova. – Therefore, as often as possible, change the gaskets, tampons select according to the degree of absorbency – no more, no less, so that there is no intolerance. ”

Despite the fact that manufacturers assure the safety of tampons, and time has not shown serious problems with their use (invented a tampon back in 1933 by an American surgeon at the request of his wife), many oppose their use. At least – regular. Anyway, they need to be changed every 4-6 hours, dry, if removed with difficulty, it is better to leave so as not to disturb the mucous membrane.

According to the gynecologist Marina Glushenkova, if you do not hold the tampon inside, then there will be no trouble. At night you can leave a tampon if you change it exactly after 8 hours, but it is better to use gaskets during sleep. Pads for every day without the need (availability of excretions, whiteness) – use is not necessary – it is better to change linen more often.

If you use this tool, you do not need to walk with the same gasket all day – change them in 4-6 hours: “Personally, I think that gaskets with constant use can serve as a microenvironment for the emergence of bacterial vaginosis,” says Marina Glushenkova . 

Before and after

Everyone knows that before taking sexual intercourse, you need to take a shower – at least later, so that it will be more pleasant. But not everyone goes to the bathroom after it’s over. And in vain – just to wash the sexual organs from excessive lubrication is not difficult. It is worth going to the toilet and if there is no risk of infection, but other diseases, for example, thrush, often occur and apply the medicine.

“I recommend using Epigen Intimus in an aerosol or gel after sexual intercourse,” advises Elena Milyukova. “This medicine takes care of the mucosa and prevents the emergence of candidiasis and some viral diseases.”

It is important to remember that none of these remedies will not be saved from getting infected with unprotected intercourse and will not cure sudden sudden viral diseases. But as a preventive measure – they will suit you perfectly. Repeating words of the doctor: if there are such offers, as specially developed means – why not use them? It will only be better.

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