New economic game with the withdrawal of money Even Gold

Already 612 thousand rubles have been paid to users, while the project reserve amounts to almost 4 million rubles. And this is all and it is clear why so many users in such a relatively short period of time, because during registration they give a bonus of 50 rubles, for which you can start playing Elven Gold without investing a single penny.

But of course it will be a very long time earnings and with a bonus of 50 rubles you will develop for a very long time, going out at least for some decent income per month.

I hasten to share with you a completely new economic game with the possibility of earning. This is a project called ElvenGold. Somehow being on the Internet I saw a link to the game on so many resources and many bloggers advertised this game, and I decided to try what kind of a beast it is.

When I first entered the project site, I was very surprised by the design, it was done very well, on a completely different script, not like other projects, which were all made for a carbon copy. The project started relatively recently, namely at the time of this writing, 72 days of work already and more than 70 thousand people registered in the project have already been working.

To register in the project and earn money, click on the link, and enter your name, email address, game login, password and confirmation, as well as the name of your city in which you will build buildings and receive income in the fields provided. We agree with the rules of the agreement and put a tick that you turned 18 years old. Enter the answer to the question to protect against automatic registrations and click “Join.”

We go into the game at the very top of the site, enter your login, and the password that we specified during registration and click on enter.

Signed in to your account, we have a great bonus in the amount of 5000 gold for purchases, which is equivalent to 50 rubles. We go immediately to the store, so as not to lose our time and buy there “Elf Manor”. Bought? Excellent go to the game tab and in the section of the building for construction, choose our estate and transfer it to the playing field, all our earnings began.

Once a day or when it is convenient for you to go into the game and collect coins, and sell and get 50% on the balance for withdrawal and 50% on the balance for purchases.

Now let’s move on to the site interface in the profile section, our balance is displayed, and statistics on how much referrals brought us, how much we replenished the account, how many were withdrawn from the game. You can also change your password or find links to invite referrals. Oh yeah, there is a 3-level referrals system in the game, invite friends and acquaintances to the game and get 10%, 5% and 3% of the account replenishment, respectively, the bonuses will increase as you get rewards from referrals.

In the shop there are all the buildings that you can buy, as well as super-profitable buildings that pay off faster and you get your net income, for the construction of such buildings you need crystals that are also sold in the store. The approximate percentage of return on investment is 35% per month of the amount of the value of your buildings.

In the game section, well, everything is very simple after buying the buildings in the store, putting them on the playing field, as well as collecting and selling our earned coins right there.

The next section after the game is replenishment, putting money into the game for a faster construction of buildings, or getting a higher income, I think someone will have an extra 100-500 rubles to invest in such a game, but of course the amounts that everyone can allow are different. 4 payment systems are presented through which you can replenish your account, this Payeer who does not have such a payment system can read on the pages of the blog and register if you like this payment service, Perfect Money, Money, and Qiwi.

Money withdrawal is carried out on the Payeer payment system, the minimum amount for withdrawal from 10 kopecks to 3,000 rubles per day, the money arrives in a few seconds to your wallet.

Bonus every 24 hours you can receive a bonus in the amount of from 10 to 100 gold to your account for purchases.

You can exchange your funds from the account to the withdrawal, to the account for purchases for the purchase of other buildings and at the same time get another 10% on top of the exchange.

And the last section of referrals, there you will find a lot of promotional materials to attract referrals, as well as find out how many referrals you have. The most interesting thing is that you can find out where your referral came from, thereby analyzing successful ways to attract referrals, investing more power in them than from which referrals do not join.

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