Normal People is back for two new Comic Relief specials airing tomorrow

You might recall back in May, Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson hinted that although a Normal People season 2 wasn’t on the cards right now, our favourite TV pair might one day return a series that’s set sometime in the future, saying it was his “fantasy” to revisit them 10 years into the future.

Well, that’s exactly what the new Comic Relief episodes are going to entail, jumping not 10 but 40 years into the future.

The charity’s co-founder Richard Curtis confirmed the news on RTE Radio 1’s Sunday with Miriam, revealing, “There’s a beautiful piece called Normal Older People, which is imagining what would have happened to Marianne and Connell 40 years from now.”

The Love Actually director added, “I promise you, these are two very special bits. It’s so much better than anything we’ve ever made. I mean I can’t even say all about it because there’s a guest star in it. But it’s really, it’s really beautiful.”

You know that barbecue you had planned tomorrow night? You might want to scrap it ASAP because the rumours are true, BBC Three’s Normal People is coming back to our screens for two special episodes as part of RTÉ Does Comic Relief in Ireland, which will air on June 26th, yep tomorrow night.

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal will be reunited once again, reprising their roles as Marianne and Connell for the charity – but things aren’t going to pick up from where they were left.

Curtis continued, “One of the things about Comic Relief is it just gives opportunities for things to happen that would never happen.

“I can’t imagine any context in which they would have allowed this little sort of extra special into the world of Normal People.”

Excited now? You should be. The two specials will be broadcast live on RTÉ, so we’re sure they’ll be posted online soon after. Like we said, scrap your plans NOW.

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