Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 10 Big, Not-Boring Rugs We Need

Buying a big rug is expensive but totally necessary business. Too small and it’ll make the whole room look small! You could pick up a jute or sisal rug from the hardware store, as they’re reliably inexpensive and pretty, but one spill of red wine on that thing and it’s donezo (natural fibers: not washable). Plus, they’re kinda boring if we’re being totally honest. A better solution is to shop for one at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, because they have hundreds of rugs on sale right now. Specifically, they have 564 rugs on sale right now! It’s a veritable bonanza of good-looking rugs in every color and size imaginable, but specifically you’ll find so many that are available in huge, room-filling 8′ x 10′ sizes. The sale prices are amazing – some for as low as $300! – and they’re from trusted brands like Dash Albert and Jaipur. Below, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best decidedly not-boring big rugs from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, none of which is over $1,000. Now all you need is a good rug pad.

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