April 20, 2024

Nordic beauty is the next big thing and here’s why it’ll give you the best skin of your life

So what’s the premise behind N-Beauty (as we’re dubbing it). Well, the women from The Nordics are renowned for their fresh, glowing and natural beauty.

Many attribute this to their happy dispositions and active lifestyle, while others believe their skin is naturally resilient because their bodies have had to adjust to the cold, harsh climates and unusual light cycles of Nordic countries for hundreds of years.

If you’ve exhausted every single K-Beauty product and hack, swatched all the latest J-Beauty buys and even made a trip down under to give Australian beauty a whirl, you’ll be delighted to know there’s a new beauty trend that’s about to blow up. Enter: Nordic Beauty.

“The Nordic women hail from a country where wellbeing rituals are deeply influenced by a woman’s relationship with nature, the unusual light cycle, and a place where a down-to-earth, authentic and effortless approach to beauty is celebrated,” say the founders of Lumene – one of Norway’s most popular beauty brands.

They explain how The Nordics region is renowned for a unique annual light cycle; during the lighter months, days feel endless and the region is drenched in 24 hour intense, life-giving light. “It’s during those brilliantly bright days that the native plants and fruits are exposed to an exceptionally intense Arctic light and transform into rare, light-charged Arctic ingredients that have the potential to heal and re-plump the skin,” they say.

From its immense forests, to its seacoasts and marshes, Finland is blessed with exceptional nature and incredibly fresh and pure spring water.

Much like womens’ skin, the area’s natural berries, seeds, plants, tree saps and even mushrooms have evolved over thousands of years to survive and thrive under the Arctic’s uniquely challenging light cycle that gives them their particularly potent antioxidant content. Plants spend eight months purifying during the broken winter darkness followed by four months of intense, regenerating light.

Lumene, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, making it one of the oldest beauty brands in the Nordic area, aims to help women create a naturally luminous look thanks to these authentically Nordic ingredients.

Inspired by the power of the Arctic, Lumene takes its inspiration from northern Finland – and the natural radiance of Nordic women. Blending oxygen-rich, pH-friendly Arctic spring water with replenishing ingredients like organic Nordic birch sap, Nordic red algae, and hyaluronic acid, each of their hydrating formulas celebrates plump, bouncy, and dewy-looking skin.

The exceptionally pure, naturally-derived products that make up Lumene skincare are steeped in the ingredients and textures of the cold, quiet landscape of the Arctic – one of the last unspoiled sanctuaries on earth. The brand maintain that every skincare product contains the oxygen-rich, naturally soft, pure Arctic spring water, which along with Finland’s fresh, clean air, is one of the least polluted water sources in the world and offers a pH naturally close to that of the epidermis, avoiding any disruption of the skin’s balance.

This sounds like a skincare trend we can get on board with.

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