This £7.99 cream has tonnes of amazing reviews for curing eczema

The marketplace is rammed full of formulas that promise the world but fail to deliver, and quite frankly, it’s become a tricky and tedious minefield to navigate.

Anyone who has suffered with eczema will be familiar with the struggle to find a product that truly delivers.

With summer finally showing its face (yay) and anxieties about bearing our red-ridden flesh mounting (nay), a genuinely effective solution that will keep our eczema at bay for good has surfaced.

The miracle product came in the form of Aveeno Dermexa cream and it turns out fellow eczema sufferers agree.

Everything you need to know about eczema (including at-home skin soothing hacks)

According to Fabulous, women have credited this cream for transforming their skin and providing a much-needed confidence boost. Before and after photos showed rashes significantly reduced in both size and colours, and skin that’s softer and silkier than ever before. It’s honestly mind-blowing.

Best of all, the cream only costs £7.99 so you can generously lather it on without fear of the bottle running out.

It turns out simplicity really is key.

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