The feminist TV show you’re probably not watching, but should be

It literally just got renewed for a fourth season (!!!) and you probably didn’t even know it was on. The fact that the stars of this killer show are not absolutely drowning in EMMY and BAFTA awards is, quite frankly, a travesty.

It is one of the most underrated shows on our small screens – and it’s just the hit of feminist bravado you need in your life right now.

Trust me, you just found your next binge-watch. It’s technically a spin-off from hit show The Good Wife, but it completely stands on its own. It follows the lives and careers of stratospherically iconic lawyers Diane Lockhart (played by Mamma Mia’s Christine Baranski) and Maia Rindell (Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie, AKA Mrs Kit Harrington).

Basically, Maia’s father is at the centre of a hectic financial scam that brings Diane out of retirement. Together, along with several other incorrigible, smart women, they take on everything from fake news to the #MeToo movement. They fight for what’s right, in offensively good outfits. They exchange stupidly great banter, in terrific shoes. They are brave, brash, funny and unforgettable. They are fully formed, complicated, dynamic female characters – which, let’s face it, is still something of a novelty.

Excuse me, why is nobody talking about The Good Fight?

Plus, it has the greatest opening credits sequence of all time, no competition.

Once you get past that minute of pure, cathartic magic, the show that follows is one of the most politically relevant, intellectually courageous ever written. It grapples with the sorts of moral dilemmas that will come to define our time in history. Its writers tackle things like Trump’s possible impeachment, racism in America, gun laws, terrorism, financial fraud and women’s rights with an arresting deftness. It also asks questions like, what would you do if your long-term girlfriend testified against you in court or what should you do if you fall in love with a Republican who promotes gun ownership? It’s all SO GOOD, I just want to sit down and watch it all from the start again.

The first and second seasons of The Good Fight are available on Amazon Prime now, with new episodes from season 3 dropping each week on All 4. Get into it as soon as you can, thank me later.

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