Bambi Does Beauty, shares the glow-getting beauty tips that even makeup artists steal from her

I hate getting my makeup done. There, I said it. What used to be something I would clamber forward for in makeup counters is now something I dread.

I love some makeup, don’t get me wrong, but I’m yet to truly feel like I look ‘better’ with my skin concealed and lashes permed. I just don’t – I look like one of those tweens that got over-excited with the makeup palette before prom (*so cute*). At the ripe old age of 29, I’m just not willing to hand over my face so freely anymore at the will of those inclined to pluck my stray brow hair or bake my under eye.

So what do I do on a shoot? Bring my own stash! Tucked tightly into my beloved SpaceNK Travel Bag (they’ve just launched an even BIGGER size which is a dream) is a plethora of sheen, shine and a hint of bronze to have me gleaming like a beacon on set.

“I’m just taking a picture of this product!” the makeup artist yelled as I walked back into the dressing room. It was as she was standing there unashamedly snapping away on her iPhone the oil I’d just used to give my décolletage a dose of high shine, that I realised I really have accumulated the ultimate edit of glow-getting products that even make artists don’t know about.

So here they are in all their greasy glory…

Now this is a real hidden gem. Seemingly just a premium price SPF, it actually functions as THE most glossy body oil. There are so many body oils I’ve tried, and of course it would be difficult for any oil not to make skin look gleamy, but this was one…lasts! That’s why it has to come with me on set, on holiday, on a night out. All the above!

A new entry to my glow-getting stash is this thick gel textured illuminator that really is unlike any other I’ve tried. This is something I apply at the very end of my skincare/makeup routine as it’s uber gloopy (in the best way) and leaves a very subtle blue iridescent glimmer a mermaid would double take at.

Affordable and multi-purpose. Over the last few years I’ve seen this make it’s way into makeup artists’ kits and it always makes me smile. It’s pretty garish in it’s packaging, bright green no frills budget skincare…but it works and that’s why it’s gained cult status. I use this to add dew to my skin and body, it also serves well as a brow brushing cream to keep them in place!

Over the years I’ve been blogging I am still yet to find a highlighter that surpasses Becca. This is one of those products I’d never like to run out of, ever! As someone who lives by the ‘less is more’ ethos this is one of the few makeup products I use all over my face and with zero hesitation! No glitter, just a dreamy creamy sheeny beam of light to the skin. They do in many shades but I’ve never strayed from ‘pearl’. It looks white in the bottle but melts into the skin a kind of translucent highlight that makes it far easier to use as freely as you like rather than worrying about pigment.

I love a cream bronzer, in fact its very rare I use a powder anything these days. As the name suggests, this is the ultimate ‘chubby stick’ of bronze that takes pride of place in my makeup bag. I love to use to add warmth to my eyelids and décolletage, and anywhere I want a swipe of deep bronze (with no orange hue in sight).

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