Dead to Me Is Officially Returning For Season 2

Now we finally know Jen’s story will continue into a second season, thanks to an official announcement from Netflix. On June 3, the streaming service confirmed the show’s return, along with a few other exciting details.

Both Applegate and costar Linda Cardellini will be reprising their roles, and creator Liz Feldman will serve as showrunner and executive producer.

Anyone who has ever lost someone will feel Netflix’s series Dead to Me so hard. The show – which centers on Christina Applegate’s character, Jen, who recently lost her husband in a car crash – seamlessly blends grief with humor for an addicting series that we just can’t get enough of. Humor, you ask? About grief? Yes, and it totally works!

We think this funny show absolutely deserves a second season, because it goes so far beyond humor. It features a twisty-turny plot – we won’t say more, in case you haven’t watched yet – that will also leave you in tears at times. Applegate’s character, Jen, and her new BFF in grief (they meet in a support group), Judy, played by Cardellini of ER fame, really explore the depths to which loss can take you. Indeed, the show is so good, so pulse-poundingly riveting, so hilarious, and so emotionally dead-on (excuse the pun).

There are so many other universal themes woven in there, though, like whether we really know the people closest to us, what makes a “good” parent, and how people deal so differently with the many challenges and setbacks life can throw at you. If you aren’t convinced yet, consider that Dead to Me, which also stars the impossibly good-looking James Marsden, is creating buzz among viewers as well as critics, even though it was only released last month.

So the bottom line is this: critics like the show. Fans are loving the show. We need more of Applegate and Cardellini’s magical onscreen chemistry. We need more angry Jen! We need more deeply troubled Judy. We need to know what comes next!

We especially need more shocking plot twists. And we definitely want to keep watching the characters in Dead to Me normalize the notion that everyone handles grief a little differently.

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