Nicole Kidman’s outfits in The Undoing are our new obsession

Nicole Kidman had her own boho moment in the late Nineties when chokers and spaghetti strap slip dresses became her default red carpet look and Grace Fraser’s outfits echo the actor’s own hippie-luxe style.

Knubbly wools, faux furs and wools are worn for those epic outwear moments but are mixed with plenty of silky blouses beneath, equalling a texture clash that is eclectic and enticing. As well as her collection of coats, one of our favourite styling tricks from costume designer Signe Seijlund, is how she wraps Grace up in neat pussy-bow blouses and silk scarves and blazers to signify her pulled-together – yet still soft – work aesthetic.

Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of uber-privileged therapist Grace Fraser in The Undoing is gripping, tense and our latest TV obsession on these colder nights (um how did winter creep up on us so fast?) But apart from the devastatingly complicated plot-line of the psychological thriller… we are just as gripped by Grace’s wardrobe. Specifically, those coats are providing us with mega styling inspo for our own seasonal lewks.

With so many scenes taking place outside… at school drop off, in Central Park, wandering the Upper Manhattan streets… and being shown in the season it was set (it’s winter there *and* here!) it’s easy to translate Fraser’s look to our own outfits, especially as our one foray outside a day is our only opportunity to show off our fashion chops. (We’ve still got it, even if no-one else can see it!)

And then… the colours have us drooling too. Led by Kidman’s iconic russet hair colour, the palette of Grace’s wardrobe is all burgundy, teal, dark lime and chocolate from designers like Maxmara and Etro. Having your colours *done* is considered highly naff in fashion circles but Kidman’s hair shade just *works* with those rich Autumnal tones, which we see in her wardrobe throughout the series. Warm, cosy, rich yet creative – if clothes could talk you would understand exactly who Grace Fraser is… or wants to portray… through her clothes.

We’re taking styling tips from these scenes…

The goddess-worthy gown

Unlike any PTA evening you’ve ever experienced, Grace’s outfit choice for a school fundraiser is a goddess-worthy pleated Givenchy Gown (with a capital G.)

In bronze, rose and pewter-toned metallics it would be ideal for a red carpet event, perhaps the Oscars, although as her son goes to one of the poshest schools in NYC, it definitely won’t look out of place.

The silky trouser suit

Taking the Pyjama-dressing trend we’ve all succumbed to during lockdown one – or two – steps beyond, Grace’s silky chocolate brown trouser suit is as ideal for cocktail hour (in an actual bar) as it is for languid lounging on the sofa. Unfortunately our lockdown activities haven’t stretched to chess – yet.

Merlot boots

Grace’s red coat appears in several scenes but looks most powerful when teamed with merlot-coloured boots.

Wearing one tone head-to-toe is a stylist’s shortcut to a coherent and harmonious look (even when your perfect life is falling apart.)


For the ultimate lesson in choosing colours that complement each other – but don’t look matchy-matchy (a style sin!) we’re obsessed with Grace’s walk by the lake look. Let your coat lead the outfit then pick out just one shade (here, that deep petrol colour appears in coat and top) to work with your co-ordinating underlayers.

Silk and suede

Silk and suede is always a good idea. The fluid blouses that Grace relies on are the perfect foil for an edgier suede pencil skirt – but the way that the colours combine make it look perpetually elegant.

We’re also here for the black tights she wears. New Yorkers are legendarily impervious to the cold and *never* wear tights so it’s good to see that the classic black opaque can look chic. We are ready to give them a warm welcome back into our wardrobes.

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