This skincare range amassed a waiting list of 3,000 beauty buffs in 24 hours

When Coco Eve first burst onto the Instagram scene in 2017 with its Hair Masque, the feeds of beauty lovers across the globe were awash with carefully curated shots of the pretty pink and green tub.

However, as the months passed by and five star reviews flooded in, we quickly realised this hair mask was no social media 15-minute famer and after trying it out for ourselves, realised it was an absolute game-changer for frazzled hair.

After breaking the internet with its multi award-winning mask, the brand unveiled a Bronzing Foam, which, in similar fashion, broke the internet. Keeping up? Good, because the cult Balinese beauty brand is causing a frenzy among beauty buffs yet again with its latest launch.

Glow Figure is a 3-step ‘Bali booty call for your body’, according to the brand. In layman’s terms, it consists of a Bali Buffing Sugar £34.90, Bounce Body Masque £39.90, and Body Moisture Whip £34.90, which are enriched with the brand’s signature raw virgin coconut and powerful tropical Balinese ingredients to buff, smooth and hydrate your body.

There’s also a Jelly Massage Mitt, £9.90, which apparently provides intense exfoliation for very dry areas like elbows, knees and feet, boosts circulation to helps tone and tighten the skin, as well as a Smooth-on Shell Scoop for £5.90, which is basically an Insta-friendly version of your hand that can be used to ensure your creams are evenly applied.

“Combined with other blissful Balinese scents such as lychee and dragon fruit, prepare to be transported from bathroom to Bali in three simple steps,” say the brand.


Having only launched yesterday, the brand has already seen over 3,000 fans sign up to the the range’s waiting list so it looks like they’re on to something pretty major.

The brand launched in Bali where its founders spent years testing, developing and perfecting their formulas. They promise to never use drying and damaging sulfates, phthalates or parabens like 98.9% of beauty products. “Indonesia (of which Bali is home to) is the world’s largest coconut producer, and with so many health benefits, for the hair and skin, it was only right for us to use coconut as the main ingredient as well as other powerful Bali ingredients in our formulas,” they say.

In lieu of a trip to Bali, we’re planning on stockpiling the stuff.

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