We’re calling it – this is going to be Zara’s next viral dress

What is officially the high street piece of the season (/year?), Zara’s polka dot dress has become so popular that it’s even got its own Instagram account.

If you’ve walked down your local high street recently, you may or may not have noticed yourself pass a monumental fashion moment. You may have even done so more than once.

But what was once a major fashion faux pas has in fact brought women of Britain together, grinning as they pass one another wearing the very same cult piece. After all, a dress that not only fits but flatters such a smorgasbord of body shapes is worth celebrating.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and as our shopping antennae moves on we can’t help but notice another certain dress pop-up more frequently than most.

We’re calling it, this white puff-sleeved midi will be the next high street sensation. And surprise surprise, it’s from Zara. *How* are their dresses so addictive?!

Undoubtedly a more ‘fashun’ option than the polka dot number, the voluminous, flared silhouette and delicately cinched tiers are reminiscent of Copenhagen-based designer Cecilie Bahnsen (who has stolen the hearts of every fashion editor in the business), and provides that endlessly sought-after Scandi aesthetic.

Wear it with chunky, ugly, dad sandals for a day spent scoffing barbecue food with pals, or with low-heeled mules for early-evening drinks.

And, before you panic about its long-term future, picture it with a white, short-sleeved roll-neck beneath and a pair of slim-fit sock boots down below. In. To. It.

Retailing at just £29.99, it’s one of the best value fashion must-haves of the year (anyone else still saving up for the Bottega pouch?), which is likely why it’s almost entirely sold out in every size.

Thankfully, the website is primed and ready for a re-stock – and we’re refreshing the page relentlessly. Race ya.

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