Who Is Kevin’s Fiancée in the Flash-Forward?

The guessing game really never ends on This Is Us. After giving us some answers about Rebecca in the flash-forward, the season three finale opens a whole new can of worms with the revelation that Kevin is now a dad. As Randall sits in the kitchen with Beth and adult Tess, a mini Kevin can be seen walking around the house looking at his phone. While the young boy tells “uncle Randall” that his dad stepped out to get takeout for everyone, there is no mention or sight of his mother.

However, in the season four midseason finale, we learn that Kevin is engaged as he celebrates his 40th birthday. Meaning that Kevin just might be married in the flash-forward. Naturally, we have a whole lot of questions about this new “her” mystery. Does Kevin get back together with one of his past loves or is the mother of his child someone new, like the recently introduced veteran Cassidy? Let’s break it down.

Adjust Your DVR: Grey’s Anatomy Is Moving Back to Its Original Time in January

Grey’s Anatomy just wrapped up the first half of season 16, and it’s fair to say the Fall finale left fans on their toes. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to get back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital; the series will return for its midseason premiere on Jan. 23. But rather than leading the charge on Thursday night – as the series has since season 11 – Grey’s is moving from 8 p.m. to its original 9 p.m. time slot.


The change comes thanks to the return of Station 19, the first-responder spinoff series. Station 19 will kick off ABC’s Thursdays, with Grey’s following, and A Million Little Things shifting to 10 p.m. until it wraps up its sophomore season in March. Then How to Get Away With Murder will reclaim the 10 p.m. slot to finish off the remainder of its final season. And to start off the new lineup with a bang, Station 19 and Grey’s will stage a two-hour crossover special following the events of Grey’s Fall finale.

So, enjoy your holiday folks! We have a lot to look forward to when Grey’s returns on Jan. 23 at 9 p.m.

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