What kind of wax should I use?

It’s completely your preference, but I’m firmly in the hot wax camp that you heat up in the microwave or in a pot of water on the stove. Trust me on this one, I’ve used some of those waxing strips and ripped off a layer of skin where no one wants to be skinless.

I’ve also found it’s much easier to bruise by pulling the strip too vigorously too, something I rarely ever experience with the hot wax.

At less than £10 a jar for Veet Warm Wax (which lasts me for a full bikini wax, ½ legs and underarms twice over), it’s undeniable value for money. In your face professional £50 wax.

With reusable strips that just need to be rinsed in warm water, it’s much more environmentally friendly too than throw away one-time strips.

I remember my jaw falling to the floor when a colleague of mine mentioned she just went for a bikini wax which cost £50. £50! I mean, who has that money for something that you typically do every 3-4 weeks? Just think about all that dough. Not for me. I can smugly put my hands up and say I’ve never in my life had a professional bikini wax.

Yes, that’s right; for over 10 years I’ve only ever waxed my bikini line at home.

Possibly due to slight embarrassment at being exposed legs akimbo in front of a beauty technician (who I’m sure are beyond professional) and hearing whispers of horror stories from my friends, it seemed like the best method of hair removal for me and natural progression from waxing my legs. Why not wax my own bikini line, too?

Although seemingly daunting, it’s actually a breeze and now I can give myself a full wax in less than 15 minutes. Yep, you’ve read that correctly. I’ve made plenty of mistakes over the years, but wanted to share some of the tips I’ve learned along the way.

Why wax?

I’m not one to judge whether you prefer no hair down there or a full bush, but I for one love the feeling of being super smooth down there for over 3 weeks. Anyone who has had razor rash can testify shaving is not so much fun, and don’t even get me started on the pain of epilating. No stubble or itchiness, baby smooth, cheap and easy, waxing was the clear winner for me.

Get prepared

Lay down a towel and ladies, be prepared to get friendly with a mirror. As flexible as you may be you’re never going to see all the spots you may have missed without one, believe me you’ll quickly get over any embarrassment and get used to staring at your crotch.

I also find it handy to have a lamp close by, some direct overhead lighting does help to see any missed areas and where next to target.

It’s daunting but go for it

The idea of putting wax on the most sensitive part of your body is of course daunting at first, however hand on heart it’s far worse in your head than it will ever be in reality, and these few simple tricks will make it much easier.

Make sure your wax isn’t too hot (no one wants a scalded vajayjay). I find the perfect temperature is when the wax is runny and fluid but not too liquidly so it moves like water. The Veet pot comes with a handy indicator stick which tells you when the wax is too hot, but I do think this does veer on the overly cautious side. Test a little bit of wax on your inner wrist where your skin is equally as thin as your pubic area and make a judgement call on the temperature.

Work in small sections of about an inch wide and long until you feel comfortable enough to go for a little bigger area at at time. Wax as much as your want to be it a little tidy up for a full Hollywood, you go for it girl.

Swipe a light layer of wax on in the direction of the hair growth, no need to go too thick which actually makes it harder to pull off. I also find the second time you use the strip the better, with a light layer of wax already on the strip it picks up the wax even better than the first time around.

Be confident and try not to hesitate when pulling off the wax strip. The more you hesitate or slowly pull the strip off the more likely you’re not going to grab all the hairs, and frankly make a mess. Make sure the skin is taught, take a breath and go for it- you’ll be fine, I promise.

Try not to wax the same area of skin more than a couple of times, any more and you risk the skin becoming sensitive. The plus is if you need to tweeze any stray missed hairs, I find the wax has done the hard part and almost loosened the hair for you. Win win.

Ok, so I’m feeling pumped, where do I actually begin?

First and foremost, make yourself comfortable, get yourself that glass of wine or put on your favourite repeat of Friends, being at home and doing your thing is what it’s all about.

Each to their own, but I start by waxing my pubic bone section by section (or as Beyoncé calls it, your FUPA). I find this is a great place to start as the skin is flat and is easier for you to get into the groove before you get to more tricky areas.

Completely up to you whether you want to wax one side at a time or mirroring the section on the other side, but after the pubic bone I would recommend next to wax the sides of your vagina where your thigh crease is. The hair tends to be more sparse here and the skin is still pretty flat making it easy to pull the waxing strip whilst keeping the tension in the skin. If you’re feeling confident you can do a little larger section here as I find the skin to be far less sensitive and far easier to do in one quick pull.

Next, work your way closer into the the labia from the outside inwards (working from the bottom up due to the direction of the hair growth), going small section-by-section especially if this is your first time. Full disclosure, this is the trickiest part as the skin is harder to keep taught and tends to be the most awkward as the hair can often grow in slightly different directions. Go slowly and bit by bit, being confident when pulling off the strip- you’ve got this.

Slowly work your way upwards to the top where your labias join your pubic bone (just above the clitoris)- full disclosure, this will be the most sensitive part (unsurprisingly as this is your most sensitive spot).

Congratulations, you should be pretty much done and as hair free as you want. Extra step if you’re willing to go there, this is when I tend to flip the mirror onto the magnifying side (whoa, yep that’s right I’ve seen every inch of my vagina in a x5 magnifying mirror) and make sure there aren’t any missed patches.

No worries if you have a little wax residue on your skin afterwards, a quick shower or bath will dissolve this quickly.

You might notice a little swelling or redness for 12 hours after waxing, this doesn’t hurt and tends to fade pretty quickly. But of course do go see a professional doctor if you have any concerns.

Don’t forget to lightly exfoliate when you start to notice any regrowth to avoid any pesky ingrown hairs.

Yes, you might need to maneuver a little and have your legs up around your ears for a bit, and it take a couple of practise rounds until you really feel like you have it nailed. But there’s no denying you’re going to feel great and proud for having mastered the technique all without having to step outside your front door too, bonus. Your bank balance can thank me.

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