These are the 7 best-selling items in Zara right now

Those hours spent happily scrolling various ‘New In’ sections for the best fashion around has yielded some totally unexpected gems. Did you know, for instance, that Next has a cool little sister brand called Label Mix filled with niche pieces from fashion rising stars?

How about ASOS’s three new charity shop boutiques in partnership with Oxfam, Barnardo’s and TRAID on ASOS Marketplace, where you can scroll for vintage gems from the comfort of your own home?

Every now and again, we take a deep dive into the websites of our favourite high street stores to uncover some of the most stylish collections flying under the radar from the fashion pack.

This month, we’re continuing the work that matters most to bring you news of another virtually undetected collection just in time for payday.

It turns out that high street stalwart Zara actually has a best-sellers section that’s been right under our noses for some time, and, as you’d expect, it’s filled with the hottest trends on the block right now.

Zara have form when it comes to hidden fashion collections. You might remember that earlier in the year, we discovered their secret sustainable collection, Join Life, which is filled with oh-so-stylish pieces that you’d be forgiven for thinking were pulled straight from the mainline offering.

Then there’s Zara’s new Instagram account, Living Zara, a collaborative project which sees the hottest style influencers on the block right now showcase their top picks from the new collections.

With the addition of the best-sellers tab in your life, you can navigate your way straight to the cult pieces guaranteed to flood your Instagram feeds this summer, saving you valuable scrolling on the ‘New In’ section, and more time for shopping the pieces that matter.

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