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Winc Wine Subscription (50% off) – Looking to step up your wine game for National Wine Day? Get personalized wine recommendations from Winc.

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They’ll pair 4 bottles of wine to your taste preferences and ship them right to your door every month. First 100 Chivers will get 50% off their first Winc order using the link.

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Jumper Overnighter Travel Bag – Traveling is easier when your luggage is efficient, and efficiency is the name of the game with this handy bag. Light and versatile, the Jumper Overnighter is carry-on sized and easy to transport in your hand, over your shoulder, or riding atop your rolling bag.

Featuring a portable shelving system to keep your clothes folded and organized, and a separate laundry compartment to separate clean and dirty clothes, this is the simple travel bag of your dreams.

Ridge Wallet – Gift cards, hotel room keys, old receipts; the leather bifolds that men cram full of junk resemble suitcases more than wallets.

The Ridge is designed to eliminate the bulk. Slim, RFID-blocking, and lifetime guaranteed, The Ridge helps you re-evaluate what you carry everyday. Upgrade your wallet today.

Revtown USA – Every man owns at least one pair of jeans but more often than not they’re stiff and uncomfortable. The Revtown team spent years making the best athletic clothes in the world, and now they’re making the best jeans in the world.

It’s pretty straightforward: your jeans should look good, fit right and feel comfortable.

Since Revtown jeans are sold directly to consumers, you get them for half the cost of designer jeans. It’s a pretty fair trade.

Perfume Discovery at Home Driven by Artificial Intelligence! – Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s your chance to try or gift the WHIFF ultimate perfume experience for just $10. It’s the perfect gift that won’t break the bank.

Try top designer scents like Marc Jacobs Daisy and unique artisanal perfumes at home. Let the WHIFF Artificial Intelligence Engine find the perfume to match your unique body chemistry!

Exclusive Chive offer: Get a FREE $10 Sephora eGift card delivered instantly just for trying. Claim your FREE $10 Sephora eGift card now at WHIFF.com

goTenna Mesh Secure Portable Networks (13% off) – Whether it’s connectivity or privacy, you can’t always count on mobile networks to give you what you want.

Therein lies the brilliance of goTenna. This device pairs with your phone to create your own signal, allowing you to send secure texts and GPS locations with no service required. And, with mesh networking, you can extend your range by connecting with other goTenna devices, handy for staying connected on hikes or other low-service scenarios.

Tryst Multi-Erogenous Massager – Chivers can get almost any single item, for 50% off at AdamandEve.com. Also, as a special bonus, Chivers will get 3 Free DVDs, a free gift and FREE SHIPPING on your entire order in the US/Canada.

Just enter code CHIVE at checkout! *Some exclusions may apply.

hims – Did you know 25% of ED cases occur in guys under 40? And 18-40-year-old males are less likely to visit a doctor than any other age group? Fortunately, personal wellness brand hims is here to help. hims wants guys to recognize that having a problem isn’t weird.

Not doing anything about it…that’s weird. With hims, men get access to prescription solutions backed by science for sexual wellness, hair loss, and skincare. Men are even connected with a licensed doctor at forhims.com who will recommend the best treatment plan for issues like erectile dysfunction. The best part? Products are shipped directly to the customer’s door. This way, you can get everything you need without having to leave home. So, try hims because you deserve to feel like the best version of yourself, always.

Fader Stealth Drone – There are few things the FADER quadcopter can’t do! Ready to fly right out of the box, this drone is loaded with advanced features that make flying a breeze for beginners, and a ton of fun for experts.

Super stealthy, lightweight, and ticked out with a six-axis gyro module and awesome HD camera, the FADER looks like a special ops device and flies like it was designed for elite pilots.

CompTIA IT Certification Bundle – Complete this collection of three courses to prep for the CompTIA A+ certification exam–a crucial step towards starting an IT career. Master subject matter in areas like networking, preventative maintenance, and more.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to troubleshoot networking and security issues like a pro, dramatically boosting your career prospects and earning potential.

Chefman Sous Vide Precision Cooker with WiFi (30% off) – Want to cook sous vide but think you lack the tools or expertise? The Chefman Sous Vide makes it easy. With just a few clicks, you can prepare restaurant-quality meals that are perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor and texture.

Thanks to integrated app control and built-in WiFi, you’ll have total control to prepare flawless food every time.

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case (32% off) – Looking to get more time with Alexa? This smart battery case packs enough juice to keep your Amazon Echo Dot running for 10 to 15 hours!

Simply connect the battery charging base to your Echo Dot with the provided connector, and you can dramatically improve your Echo Dot’s portability. Plus, it also doubles as a power bank, so you can even juice up your other devices when your Echo Dot is sitting pretty.

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill (51% off) – Summer is for grilling food, but not all of us are keen on roasting in 90-degree weather while we cook.

This grill lets you safely fire up your burgers and brats while in the safety of your air-conditioned home. From kielbasa to kabobs, you can cook a variety of food by adjusting the temperature control knob and enjoy speedy cleanup with the removable non-stick dish tray.

‘His Her’ Couple’s Bracelet – These His Her bracelets are a great way to show off your love or friendship. They’re made of superior stainless-steel with a small Cubic Zirconia stone. It’s lightweight, hypoallergenic and made with a flexible lobster claw closure. Show your special someone how much you care.

Pakpod Adventure Tripod (30% off) – When you’re out on the trail, you don’t want a tripod that’s going to weigh you down. Compact, lightweight, waterproof, and more versatile than any other, Pakpod is the ultimate adventure tripod.

Weighing less than a pound, Pakpod stashes in your backpack easily and sets up in just moments so you can get the perfect pic fast.

Star Wars Constellation Heat Change Mug – Fans of star signs, Star Wars and starting the day with a steaming hot beverage – clasp your geeky hands round the Star Wars Constellation Heat Change Mug.

Just add you brew of choice and watch as five constellations of iconic Star Wars vehicles begin to appear: An X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, Kylo’s Command Shuttle, a Star Destroyer and a Tie Fighter.

Vintage Sports Gear 

This Father’s Day, give dad a gift he can appreciate all year long with Fanatics’ vintage sports gear. Fuel his nostalgia with a variety of different jerseys, tees, and more from the highlights of games past. No matter the team, there’s sure to be something every dad will go crazy for.

Musical Wine Glass – To make this sweet music, simply wet your finger, take a firm grip on the base of the glass and gently run your finger around the lip… or just gently tap with your fork to hear your musical note ring out.

Easy Breezy USB Desk Fan – Pop the USB cable in and this 4 inch fan will blast you with the most refreshingly temperate breeze you have ever had in your entire life ever. It’s small so it won’t get in the way of your important desk activities, but by George does this pocket rocket pack a punch.

Sunscreen Flask

There are many clever ways inconspicuously sneak some booze into some place where they’d rather you didn’t, but the Sunscreen Flask is among the best. Who’s gonna hassle you for trying to wear some sunscreen? This food-safe plastic flask holds 8 oz. of whatever type of hooch you prefer and is perfectly disguised for sporting events and other similar occasions. You might get a few strange looks from passers-by for drinking out of a sunscreen bottle, but who cares? You’ll be drunk!

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