May 18, 2024

Next Level Shit Photos

These are the Ultimate Wireless Earbuds and make perfect gifts (to yourself or to others). Live life beyond limits with the xFyro xS2 – these earbuds are 100% Wireless, 100% Waterproof, 100% Dustproof.

With high def speakers, microphones, and noise cancellation, these cutting edge wireless earbuds deliver a premium wireless experience for listening to music and making calls. Housed in a luxurious brushed aluminium case that doubles as a power bank for all your phone or tablet these earbuds can do almost anything.

With over 30 hours of battery life, these earbuds won’t ever run out of juice. Get yours today!

xFyro xS2 – The Most Advanced Waterproof Wireless Earbuds | 50% OFF LIMITED TIME

Manscaping Trimmer Seen On Shark Tank

Seen on Shark Tank! Manscaped’s precision engineered Lawn Mower 2. 0 designed specifically for male grooming and hygiene in sensitive regions. Features a 100% waterproof shock resistant polycarbonate construction and upgraded 6,000 RPM motor, powered by a rechargeable low-drain battery. Next generation ceramic blades are guaranteed not to cut you and are replaceable to ensure proper hygiene. Are you ready to manscape with confidence?

Enter code CHIVE for 20% OFF + Free Shipping + Free Gift at Manscaped. com.

Lull – The Newer, Better Way to Buy A Mattress ($150 off)

Find out why our buddies at Lull have the best consumer reviews. Don’t waste your time at a mattress store – get advanced sleep technology delivered to your door, at a fraction of the price of traditional retail mattress stores. Plus $150 off for a limited time! Premium memory foam, reinvented for your best sleep. Get Free Shipping to your door, and a 100 night risk-free trial in your home. Only downside is you won’t ever want to get out of bed. Sweet deal, sweet dreams.

Handcrafted With Integrity

There’s a reason GQ just ranked these bad boys “The Best Fall Boots For Under $200”. Comfortable, versatile, and durable – the Dark Olive Suede “Captain” by Thursday Boots can go from business to casual, seamlessly. Made with the gold-standard for shoemaking, “Goodyear Welt Construction”, you’ll be wearing these for seasons to come – and with proper care, even decades. At an unbeatable direct-to-consumer price for a goodyear welt boot (no middle-man markups at Thursday Boots! ) get ready to feel comfortable, look great and stand confident in these badass boots. Try your first pair today with free shipping returns!

Ridge Wallet

Let’s be very clear: The Ridge Wallet rules. Is there irony in spending money on something that holds money? Sure. Will you have less money to put in your wallet after buying the wallet itself? Technically. But is The Ridge worth every damn penny that you won’t be holding in it? abso-freakin-lutely. Your credit cards will thank you. Your pockets will thank you. Your future self will thank you. Oh, and did we mention there’s a lifetime guarantee with free S&H? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Rosephoria (10% Off)

Our meticulously-designed everlasting roses evoke a timeless floral experience, second to none. Partnering with farmers who grow flowers ethically and honestly meet strict environmental standards – keeping you and the planet safe. Use code CHIVE10 at checkout for 10% off.

Watch Gang

Who REALLY needs a new watch every month? You do. When we first introduced this gold mine called Watch Gang, Chive readers couldn’t get enough…so we’re bringing it back! This watch subscription club sends you a premium watch every month (to keep) plus the chance to win a Rolex and TAG every week. Is it worth it? 30k+ members seem to think so, check out this 12-month review to see what they send out! Chive readers who sign up now get 25% off PLUS the chance to win a Rolex on Friday – use code: chive25

Challenger Super Shortshells

Despite what your date told you last night, size does matter… when we talk shotgun shells. Sure, you did it right and got yourself a dope self-defense shotgun for protecting hearth and home. Problem is its mag holds 6, maybe 8, rounds. Is that really enough? The easiest way to boost mag capacity is to load Challenger Super Shortshells. A full 1″ shorter than standard shells (1-3/4″ vs 2-3/4″), Shortshells pack almost as much punch. You can load MORE rounds into your Shockwave’s or TAC-14’s mag tube for more persuasive power. So does size matter? Damned skippy it does!

NanoCraft CBD Oil Night Formula (15% Off)

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Rolling around in your bed at 3am, asking yourself why the hell you can’t pass out. The next day you show up to work, you’re unproductive, the day drags on and all you want is your bed. The team over at NanoCraft CBD has your cure. “Night Formula” will help you pass the f*ck out! Their formula is curated with high potency CBD, melatonin and lavender essential oil that will help you recover from a long grueling day, setting the tone for a nice relaxing evening of great sleep! CBD is an all natural substance that is legal in 50 states. NanoCraft loves Chivers so much, they’re offering a 15% discount exclusively on TheChive. Enter code chive15 to get your discount. There’s no excuse next time you have a bad nights sleep – this stuff seriously works!

7 Color Switchable 3D Visual Lamp

This 3D visual creative lamp adds pizzaz to any room. Each lamp comes with a touch-sensitive switch and can be fixed on one color or change between 7 different colors. Choose from a variety of designs like Deadpool, R2D2, the Millennium Falcon and much more!

Hollywood Fashion Multi-function Scarf Headbands

These multi-function headbands offer UV sun protection as well as protection against all other elements – rain, wind, cold, snow, dust. They are stretchable and comfortable, making them perfect for men, women, children and even your furry friend!

Handmade Wooden Music Box

Each music box is lightweight and portable and can be placed wherever you please. Just turn the handle and it will play this very well-known tune. It’s beautifully carved and serves as an excellent conversation-starter. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion: birthday, wedding, holiday, or just for yourself!


Start each day off right with the YETI 14 oz. Rambler Mug. Featuring 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation, the Rambler Mug keeps your coffee just as hot as the first sip and your cold-brewed coffee just as cold. The Wide TripleGrip™ Handle offers a firm hold, while the clear lid and gasket protects from splashes and spills.

RetroMini with 900 Games

Keep a massive game library in your back pocket with the RetroMini! This tiny handheld console comes pre-loaded with 900 classic games that will take you down nostalgia road so there will never be a dull moment while you’re on the move.

Hippie Air Vaporizer (25% off)

The Hippie Air features a pen-style portable vaporizer pod system that’s designed for oil or liquid and uses a one-button design for absolute convenience and ease of use. It fits comfortably in your pocket and with a preheat function and large 255mAh built-in battery, it’ll be your greatest ally when you need a quick pick me up.

HD Wireless Digital Microscope with 1000x Zoom (80% off)

Check out the wonders of the microscopic world with this fun Wi-Fi microscope, capable of up to 1,000x magnification. Great for kids interested in STEM, students, or collectors, this device is useful for examining coins, stamps, electronics, jewelry, or whatever else you want to take a closer look at! The companion app allows you to stream live footage to your phone to share in the fun.

Crux Supply Co. Shaving Bundles

The blade is just the beginning. A razor is only as good as its accompaniments. This sweet collection from Crux Supply Co. features a bundle of shaving goodies, as well as pre- and post-shave travel vials that ensure you get the perfect shave whenever you’re on the go. Grab this handcrafted, all-natural collection from Crux Supply Co. as a gift to yourself or to the bearded loved one in your life.

Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package

There is a huge demand for ethical hackers, tech professionals specially hired to hack a company or organization’s network in order to expose security flaws. This course will give you the material and training you need to pass any of five professional hacker certifications that will look great on a resume and may even help you score a high-paying IT job.

2019 Panigale V4 Speciale

It is called Panigale V4 and it marks a new and important chapter in Ducati’s history, a “symphony” of performance and emotions that’s 100% Italian. Panigale V4 is the first mass-produced Ducati motorcycle to be equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, closely derived from the Desmosedici of the MotoGP. Basically, if you want the most insane bike on the road, this is it. Prepare to spend a pretty penny though.

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