February 20, 2024

New cult Zara polkadot dress

But in the fast-paced and fickle world of fashion, nothing lasts forever and we’re already seeking out 2020’s answer to the iconic dress.

Now that we can finally get out and about a bit more, it’s the opportune time to switch up our tracksuit bottoms for a new dress – and Zara is serving up the goods.

The high street stalwart’s AW20 midi dress collection is full of cult-worthy dresses that are perfect for dressing up or down in this tricky transitional weather and will carry you through to next spring in style.

“No wardrobe is complete without a couple of perfect maxi dresses to choose from,” claim the Zara buyers. “A gorgeous long dress is the easiest thing in the world to style; let floral prints or bold colours like yellow, blue or red do all the talking, with no major accessories required. Just add heeled sandals for a night out, or simplify the look with ballerina flats or block heel boots for day. ”

Long before Coronavirus and the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians dominated headlines, the concept of a pandemic was seeing at least 10 people wearing the same Zara dress as you. Yes, in simpler times back in summer 2019, the world and his wife (quite literally) was wearing that polkadot dress from Zara.

You could barely move on the tube for women donning the £39. 99 black and white gown. At least four people came into the GLAMOUR office sporting the dress on the same day. In fact, it became such a cultural phenomenon it even had its own Instagram account.

The hot4thespot account has 25,000 followers and was dedicated to capturing snaps of women donning the famous design. Posting pictures of women in various scenarios and with different shapes wearing the dress, the account added a level of solidarity to our love for the dress of the summer.

Whilst we’re yet to actually witness a plethora of women wearing any one of these dresses, in our humble opinion, we believe they have the potential to become cult. Here are the 7 new season Zara dresses we’re convinced could become the next polkadot cult phenomenon.

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