April 17, 2024

Netflix’s At Home With The Furys Is The Unexpected Show Of The Summer

«Seriously, this woman @parisfury1 absolutely loving this show! ! ,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“Being a bipolar sufferer myself. This is helping not just me but my kids in understanding,» Kerry added.

«@tysonfury this is gonna help sooooooo many people! We forget the effects having bipolar has on our families xx…omg I relate so much with the highs and lows xxxx. ”

Why is At Home With The Furys such a hit?

Many have pointed out that Tyson’s wife Paris is the true champion and star of the show, which is a big reason why it’s made such an impact on viewers.

We see her juggle her own career with raising six children under the age of 13, as well as being completely open with the difficulties that come with Tyson’s mental health issues, while still creating a support system filled with love and support for him.

One fan tweeted their support and love for Paris and her story: “Tyson might be a giant boxer n all that but it’s Paris whose the strong one in that relationship, what a woman she is. Holds it all together and keeps them all going x”.

Another tweeted: “Tyson Fury’s wife is the truth! Such a great woman. . ”

What a hero. Paris also has a book named How Does She Do It? : The Kids, Tyson & Me – it’s due out next month (28 September) elaborating on her busy life.

At Home With The Furys. Tyson and Paris Fury in At Home With The Furys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

At Home With The Furys. Tyson and Paris Fury in At Home With The Furys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Are Molly Mae and Tommy Fury in At Home With The Furys?

Yes they are, and it’s interesting seeing the couple enter another reality TV world. We see them announce Molly Mae’s pregnancy to the Fury family, and have tough conversations about how to raise their daughter Bambi.

Tommy suggested that he’d like to pull her out of school after she finishes her primary education, as is customary in Gypsy, Traveller and Romany cultures. Children are then taught more “traditional” skills. Molly Mae, however, while being respectful of Tommy’s Traveller background, asserted that she wanted her children to stay in school. Interesting.

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