How we turned our festival glitter obsession into a booming business

The two of us grew up together and have always had a love for makeup. We became makeup artists when we left school but found it really hard to get work in the industry. You’d have a job on a Monday and Friday with nothing in between.

Then we went to Ibiza when we were 19 and saw a group of girls applying glitter to their bodies and thought it would be fun to try it out ourselves. We realised it would be fun to offer a glitter application service back in London.

Here, the duo share their story to success…

At the beginning we were just doing glitter at events for people, but it wasn’t until we started up an Instagram page that word about us spread. People would ask where they could buy glitter from but at the time, you couldn’t really find any on the high street. It eventually got to the point where we realised there was a huge market for us to be a brand of our own. Instead of diverting people to different brands, we decided to create our own. From there we met with a manufacturer and GoGetGlitter was born.

Holly Pollack, 23, and Sophia Levy, 24, were childhood besties who both pursued careers as makeup artists. After struggling to get enough work, the pair headed off to Ibiza where they were inspired to to create their own glitter brand. Whether they’re jetting off to Coachella to get influencers festival-ready or being flown to New York for parties, these girls are set for world domination.

We regularly work at festivals like Coachella where we make up influencers and get them festival-ready using our products. It’s very important to us that we work with a diverse range of women. A lot of our competitors only work with slim, white women but we want to show real women of all shapes, sizes and races. It’s about making all women feel confident in their skin and showing that glitter can be enjoyed by anyone.

We once did an Instagram post saying we were coming to LA and looking for people to shoot with and we got a message from a girl saying “I’m probably not the typical girl you’re looking for but I’d love to model with you”. We didn’t understand what she meant, we hadn’t given any rules on who we wanted to work with, which goes to show there is an assumption that glitter is reserved for a particular body type. We want to break away from this and ended up shooting with her – the response was phenomenal.

We also did a collaboration with Love Disfigure, a charity that supports women with deformities or disabilities such as burns victims or dwarfs. It was amazing to see the transformation these women went through. At the beginning they were very shy and reserved and after we applied the glitter, they became so empowered and confident.

Yes, we are in the beauty field but we’re not trying to cover people up. We’re embracing and highlighting people’s faces and bodies, not trying to change them.

People regularly ask how glitter can be a proper job but it’s a full-time job and more. When we first started, we had no idea how to run a business but you learn as you go. Like any business, there are major lows and amazing highs. It’s how you get through those lows and keep going.

There are so many businesses aimed at women run by men so we feel proud to be running a female-led business. It also helps that we were both makeup artists so we know exactly what our customer wants. We are essentially our own customer.

In recent years, glitter has gained criticism for being environmentally toxic but we have a full biodegradable range which is doing really well. People are still buying the non-biodegradable range because not all colours exist in biodegradable such as holographic or metallic. We get a lot of emails from manufacturers in China trying to sell us holographic biodegradable glitter but we know it doesn’t exist yet and we’re not going to sell our customers a lie. Until we’ve got the perfect formula, we won’t sell it.

Our Instagram is our baby. We like to get very creative and showcase our best looks. PRs message us all the time telling us our page looks messy but we like it to be a reflection of us and we’re very silly. We’ll do crazy things like shaving our legs with glitter and it’ll go viral. There’s no limit to what we post other than it has to be unique and interesting because people come to our page for inspiration.

We feel really proud that we, along with others, have created a glitter industry. When we first started, glitter wasn’t readily available. Now retailers have entire categories devoted to it. It’s a very exciting time!

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