Don’t know what to do if I reach the goal

My dream is to move to another country, there waiting for my young man. To achieve this goal I work two jobs, do not allow themselves the basic pleasures, all save. Parents think I’m crazy. To earn money, quit school, moved thousands of miles away in a completely strange city not knowing anyone.

I am a realist, I understand that wishes do not necessarily come true, I can not give visa. But when the question arises of what to do next, if this doesn’t work, totally lost with the answer. No desire to go back to where ran. Work is also meaningless.

Marina, 21 years

Не знаю, что делать, если не достигну, поставленной цели

Sometimes, starting something unfamiliar and difficult, even just embarking on the road towards it, we think we know how it ends. We just think that the difficulties and obstacles are obvious, and the result can only be positive or negative.

In your situation, which gradually acquires more and more certainty, you get what would. You will see that you can do something that previously would not have dared, you have so much strength of will, determination and desire to succeed.

Even if it doesn’t work exactly and exactly what I was thinking at the beginning, these qualities that you have detected in yourself, allows you to build further plans. Now you know you can rely on yourself that you are able to achieve results in situations where everything depends on you. Because of external rules and other people something may fail, but their “party” you will always play as it should. This is very important. Sometimes the road to the goal is no less important and useful than the final result.

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