From Sarah Hyland to Renée Rouleau

“I don’t know why my sister took her life,” she said. “I also don’t know if she suffered from depression or anxiety. Our father was a military man who wanted boys and treated us like them. We weren’t allowed to be anything but tough. We didn’t talk about our feelings, let alone our mental health.”

The outcome of grief can wear more than one hat, however. Six years ago, April Peck, founder of new haircare brand Save Me From, was putting her kids to bed when she got a phone call from her brother in-law, a first responder in the small town where she grew up.

He told her to book a flight home, quick, because her sister Patty had attempted suicide and was in the hospital. She died by the time Peck arrived.

What Peck did know, having founded and eventually sold the popular skincare brand HydroPeptide years before, was the beauty industry. And so, she sought to create a new brand – in a new category, through extensive research – with a mission to raise awareness around suicide prevention. With a love for wellness and Patty in mind, there was a lightbulb moment: hair.

Patty was the youngest sister of the family, and the one with “the thickest, most beautiful blond hair,” said Peck. “I have a special connection in remembering Patty and my love for styling, French braiding, and curling her hair. Plus, our hair is one of the first places we turn to when we want to control an immediate change. Every stylist believes she is transforming someone’s life when she recreates her client’s hair.”

As such, Save Me From was born, which not only has products that claim to repair damage from root to tip, but also provides additional resources on its blog In the Lab about mental health and suicide prevention. “My hope is that I can make a real difference in saving lives,” said Peck.

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