Glossier is launching its first-ever Black Friday sale

Emily Weiss’ beauty brand, which launched in the US launch on 6th October, 2014, and then in the UK, is the Gen-Z beauty brand of dreams.

Ah, Glossier. The hardworking, purse-friendly, Insta-worthy brand that changed the face of beauty forever. Name a more iconic beauty launch. We’ll wait…

Glossier was born in response to consumer demand for products that looked good and worked hard without breaking the bank – plus, we’re suckers for that iconic pink bubble packaging.

The brow grooming pomade, Boy Brow, is the brand’s number one best-seller, but Glossier’s first fragrance ‘You’ was also a big hit, winning ‘Fragrance of the Year 2018’ as awarded by The Fragrance Foundation.

If you’re a Glossier gal or want to give the now-iconic products a whirl, there’s never been a better time. For the first time ever, Glossier will be launching a Black Friday sale, with 20% off every.single.product.

From Friday 29 November until Monday December 2, the brand will slash 20 per cent off everything on Glossier.com and in store, including their current Covent Garden pop-up. Prepare for a stampede, people.

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite for the brand, Glossier has also launched 15 limited-edition sets that save customers huge amounts over Black Friday weekend.

The sets, which will be available online, include the Lip Gloss Trio (£33 (£28 during sale), All Balm Set £80 (£65 during sale) and the Colorslide Trio + Blade £43 (£34 during sale).

Scroll down to marvel at the best Glossier deals you can expect this Black Friday…

The morning-after pill is now available online for £3

When the morning after pill was made available over the counter, without the need for a doctor’s prescription, it was a liberating moment for many women. It represented easier access to contraception and a higher degree of control over their own bodies. However, it soon became apparent that women would pay for the privilege – £25 per pill, in fact.

This high price has been widely accepted, if not solely through necessity, for years. It wasn’t until online pharmacy, Dr Fox, began selling a generic version of the pill for £3 that questions over the £25 price tag began. Now, The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has criticised UK pharmacies for “throwing financial obstacles in the way” of women in need of emergency contraception, potentially resulting in a higher number of unwanted pregnancies or later stage abortions.

The fact that Dr Fox is able to sell levonorgestrel, the generic name for the drug used in the morning after pill, for £3 makes it hard to see any possible clinical justification for the vast mark up, and suggests that the disparity between wholesale cost (estimated at between £0.18 and £1.28 per dose) and retail cost is wholly driven by profit.

Clare Murphy, Director of External Affairs at BPAS said: “The sale of the morning after pill for £3 illustrates just how cheap this medication is, but women are still having to pay vastly over the odds for this pill at their time of need…There is simply no reason why we should restrict access in the way we do when the stakes for women are so high – women know when they need it and should be trusted to use it.”

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