Kim Kardashian Launches ‘Boob Tape’ After Years Of Using Duct Tape To Create Cleavage

She went onto explain how this product has been in the works for long time. “When I started using it, I would use a gaffer’s tape, which obviously was super uncomfortable. But this material is super soft and super stretchy – but not too stretchy because you want it to hold. It’s like the perfect amount of stretch,” she explained.

If Kim Kardashian knows one thing, it’s how to squeeze into clothing that defies the law of physics. Kidding. We know that she knows a lot more, everything from the beauty business to prison reform.

But the star has been open about her use of shapewear over the years, and even admitted to wearing a corset so tight to the Met Gala this year that she had to take breathing lessons leading up to the event. She’s also shared some of her hacks, including using duct tape to lift her breasts when wearing plunging necklines.

Of course, this all inspired the recent launch of her highly-anticipated shapewear brand, SKIMS, which features a variety of shaping briefs, bras, slips, and bodysuits. And now, Kim has released a body tape inspired by cleavage hack she’s been talking about for years. “I am so excited you guys,” she announced on Instagram Stories earlier this week. “We are launching boob tape and we are launching it in three different shades of nudes.”

skims boob tape

Kim first revealed her cleavage hack back back in 2016, sharing a topless photo of herself with her breasts taped up. “I definitely had to share my tape secret with you guys!! It’s my secret trick to have perfect cleavage in photos. You tape them up so they are super lifted. It takes a little work but trust me it’s all worth it LOL,” she wrote on her website at the time.

She continued: “I’ve used everything from duct tape to packing tape to masking tape and I think that the best I found is gaffer’s tape… Just brace yourself for when it’s time to take it off.”

Kim told followers via Stories that the heavy-duty tape would often rip off her skin, make her bleed, and leave burns (ouch!), so comfort and safety were key when it came to designing her on body tape. “This material is so amazing to wear. It doesn’t really rip off your skin like the gaffer’s tape used to do. That would give me literal scabs and burns for the longest time,” she said.

According to the site, the Boob Tape is made with a slight stretch and skin-friendly, sweat-proof adhesive that doesn’t compromise on staying power (it wears up to 12 hours, the brand claims). It’s also designed to be worn a variety a ways, from just over the nipples for a mini lift to around the back like a bra for more hold. The site shows you different ways to use it.

Skims also launched pasties made from the same material and shades. “They are the most perfect shape,” Kim explained. “Once you put it on your nipple you lift it this teardrop gives this mini boob lift effect without going as hardcore as the tape might be.” Apparently, these are her “must-have styling solution.”

Look, we are not ashamed to admit we want cleavage like Kim’s when wearing low-cut ensembles, and although this may seem too good to be true, it’s worth a shot – especially considering the rave reviews her other shapewear pieces have been getting. Also, this sure beats bloody nipples.

Skim Boob Tape retails for $36 and the Pasties retail for $12; both are available online starting today.

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