This influencer’s genius winged eyeliner hack will help you nail the perfect feline flick in seconds

We’re constantly on the hunt for genius beauty hacks that make our makeup application regime fuss-free – and we’ve just discovered a clever eyeliner application technique we’ll be taking note of.

If, like us, you always end up with one flawless flick on the left eye and a stubby little smudge on the right, listen up.

From ensuring each flick corresponds perfectly, to avoiding awkward smudges, nailing the perfect eyeliner look is no mean feat.

Susie Hasler, a British stylist, shared a video of her eyeliner application technique and it quickly went viral because it’s so damn simple. The secret behind her perfect feline flick? A £1 eyeshadow pad from Amazon.

As seen in the tutorial, Susie uses the simple eyeshadow pad as a stencil for her winged eyeliner – and her followers were super impressed with her technique; so much so that her video has amassed thousands of views overnight.

“I have tried so many tutorials and just can’t do it,” she said of nailing liquid eyeliner. Same, Susie, same.

“You have to make sure you place them in the right position so that the eyeliner goes up – anything that is too far down is going to drag your eyes down, which will be ageing and unflattering,” she explains.

As well as using the eyeshadow pads to perfect her eyeliner, she also uses them to apply her eyeshadow flawlessly. “It’s basically like a stencil,” Susie explains. “And it stops those dark colours going under your eyes.”

Who knew? BRB, off to Amazon to stock up.

This hairstylist is the ‘one to watch’ according to a new report (and you can buy her products in Boots)

It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. Everyone and their dog (quite literally) is an influencer these days, but among the numerous personalities serving up everything from glitzy eye looks to striking nail art, celebrity hair stylist Kristin Ess has established herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Every year, online comparison platform Cosmetify uses global search trend data, social following and engagement statistics to produce the Cosmetify Index, a list of beauty tastemakers, the most-searched beauty brands globally (surprisingly, it’s Yves Rocher, a little-known brand in the UK that’s cult in countries like Spain, France and Germany), the most powerful individuals (less surprisingly, Huda Kattan took the lead, with Millie Bobby Brown and Kylie Jenner following behind) and the rising stars to know.

It’s this last category, that hair stylist, Kristin Ess, scooped the top spot as the individual who has seen the biggest increase in consumer interest compared to 2018, according to Google Trends data. Based in the US and responsible for some of the most coveted celebrity hairstyles on the ‘gram (Ess regularly looks after the hair of Lucy Hale, Lauren Conrad and GLAMOUR’s November cover star, Lili Reinhart), her influence has exploded over the past year – which means if you haven’t already come across her signature cool-girl lobs and messy waves, you’re about to.

Despite having over twenty years of experience as a hair stylist and co-founding The Beauty Department (a website set up to provide relatable hair tutorials), Ess’s influence began to multiply when she teamed up with US retailer Target on a range of mid-price hair care and styling products to enable her followers to recreate her looks at home. In fact, interest for her and her products has increased by 86.81% over the last year, according to Cosmetify. Having admitted the inspiration for the price (which is mainly between $10-$15), was her own struggle with trying to afford high-end products as she made her way up in the industry, much of Ess’s appeal is her relatability.

The good news is, her arsenal of beach wave sprays, £17, detoxifying bubble masks, £15 and style reviving dry shampoos, £15, have landed in Boots, which means we can get in on the action here in the UK, too. And, if you’re in need of a little hair inspiration, look no further than Ess’s delicious tussled waves and relaxed updos.

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