June 24, 2024

Natural makeup causes men of special interest

Sometimes men look at the living lips without lipstick, ruddy face without powder, on needles of wet hair without gel with undisguised curiosity. They are able to admire this naturalness, which we shade every morning in front of the mirror.

In fact, we like this ourselves, too … Just without makeup, you are like a naive child who does not know how to hide his thoughts and feelings. Cosmetics help to keep a woman’s brand with looks and life experience.

Yesterday you wanted to make your lips brighter, smile more and stay at work, and today you brought your eyes up, jumped into comfortable shoes – and no hint of office!

All women are cats

The desire to change their appearance goes into the culture of ancient Eastern civilizations. It was believed that the symbols applied to the body and face have magical power and are able to protect. It is not surprising that the myth of the supernatural power of the painted bodies proved to be stable and quickly spread in the countries of the ancient world. Particularly fond of cosmetics Egyptians.

They noticed that in cats (in Egyptian mythology the purring creature is the goddess of joy and love), the eyes are neatly circled in a black outline. Without thinking for a long time, the Egyptians also began to fail their eyes, and the line of the century was extended to the temple. Of course, originally the body paints were used exclusively during sacred rituals. However, very soon cunning women noticed that not only spirits, but also husbands become tame. This is how the sacred ritual has become a habit,

Russia in the sense of interest in cosmetics was no exception. The girls conducted a round dance on the feast of Ivan Kupala, painted and pomaded to such an extent that they resembled each other like nesting dolls.

However, Russian cosmetics was rather primitive: eyelashes and eyebrows were blackened with charcoal;lips and eyelids were smeared with a thin layer of honey to give a look to languidness, and a smile to brightness;The cheeks were rosy with beet juice and the dust of crushed bricks. The church, feeling the pagan-magical essence of make-up, desperately protested. At the same time, the beautiful women also got it – they were instructed to hide the braids under the cover, and to lower their eyes. The priests sang the image of a kind wife – a respectable, naive, radiant natural beauty. And the evil wife could achieve beauty only with the help of make-up.

In harmony with yourself

Today, make-up is democratic, as are our desires: follow the recommendations of makeup artists or do not attach importance to it, it’s up to us. Psychological aspects of this topic we are discussing with the psychologist, the teacher of the Moscow School of Humanitarian Psychotherapy Nadezhda Tsvetkova. Sometimes giving up something is easier than taking it. Maybe some of us do not use cosmetics just because they do not know how.

Perhaps in childhood we simply did not instill an interest in how to care for ourselves, or did not support us in the first experiments with cosmetics. It remained to be jealous of a friend whose lipstick was very much to the point, we felt uncomfortable with the paint on our lips. This ignorance could become a barrier to using the possibilities of make-up.

“There is another reason for our unwillingness to powder the face – we are confident in ourselves and do not question our own beauty, so we can afford to be natural.

Cosmetics help us to hide behind the mask of strength tenderness and sensitivity. In the period of self-confidence, we do not really need it. We just have to remain ourselves, “notes Nadezhda Tsvetkova. Avoid make-up we can because of distrust of the modern beauty industry. We feel sorry for the skin: “How ? ! Under the layer of tonal basis, she does not breathe! “.

However, not everything is so fatal. In this regard, dermatologists recommend mandatory to give the skin to rest at least for the duration of sleep. Maximum – during the rest (weekend or vacation), when it becomes possible to take sun and air baths. To ensure that your skin wakes up healthy and fresh, you should remove makeup on time – at the end of the day. “Avoid soap, use special make-up remover, the remnants of cosmetics are best rinsed under running cool water. Remarkably removes skin fatigue and irritation thermal water, which is easy to find in any pharmacy and wash it twice a day. After giving the skin the necessary care, corresponding to the problems of your skin, “recommends Irina Sergeyeva, MD, dermatologist.

Cosmetics – it’s not only “external”, it tells you what you are inside, “- says Nadezhda Tsvetkova. Packing ourselves into all that advertising offers, we hide ourselves real – the one that we do not like, while calming our internal anxiety.

If we have, than live, besides make-up, shopping and sunburn, we will not complicate our lives with surpluses of cosmetics. Undoubtedly, make-up is social, and cosmetics is a way to be accepted by society.

Make-up can be played by adding novelty to your image, with its help you can look at yourself in a new way. The main thing is to be natural and sensible to use cosmetics, to feel good both with her, and without her, accepting yourself any. Is not this harmony?

Form or content

Despite the fact that naturalness and naturalness are in fashion today, some of us still have not moved away from the defiant makeup. Why? The thing is that we go to the naturalness through the avant-garde. The make-up of a woman and a teenage girl will be different, because each of them has its own interest and motive. Turning from a “little girl” to a coquette, the girl tends to be demonstrative.

She chooses flashy outfits, screaming makeup, (ironically, we call him fighting color). “A woman has no reason to behave in a demonstrative manner. She found herself professionally, revealed herself in a relationship with a partner. For her, the internal state is more important. Therefore, her makeup is essentially designed to emphasize status. The higher the status, the more obvious that demonstrativeness to it is of no use. ” The harmony of the “inner” and the “outer” is expressed in its image through light strokes. By the way, Natural make-up, oddly enough, causes men special interest. They are attracted by naturalness. Maybe this is our inner nature?

Naturalness reveals a woman, and a man sees her open, unprotected and at the same time bold. In this there is a certain frankness and sexuality. Yet some women continue to claim their femininity and sexuality very extravagantly – blue shadows, red lips. The need for such self-expression is explained by psychologists by the fact that “growing up did not happen, that is, a woman could not build a harmonious relationship within herself, and the demonstration remains outside,” notes Valentina Boyko.

Do not be surprised that next to the demonstrative woman will be a man like her, proving his manhood with a big purse or expensive car. Such men are carried on mini-skirts and provocative makeup.

And what is interesting, in this case, to both partners shocking is vital. A reserved man will soon find an attractive, non-demonstrative woman.

So it turns out that our face is a kind of window through which our own “self” peeps out, Nadezhda Tsvetkova interprets. If a person can not show his “I”, then he hides it under a thick layer of makeup. Choosing a natural make-up, you represent yourself, preferring bright and artsy – just makeup.

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