Nathalie Emmanuel, Mona Kattan, Charli Howard & Nicola Coughlan call out sexism

So for International Women’s Day 2020 we are saying no to sexism with the help of four of our favourite feminists, star of Game of Thrones, Nathalie Emmanuel who is soon to join the infamous Fast and The Furious franchise; our Derry Girl(s), Nicola Coughlan; beauty mogul and icon, Mona Kattan and our resident activist for body positivity, Charli Howard.

Here at GLAMOUR UK we have had enough of sexism. We have had enough of everyday sexism. We have had enough of gender imbalance, full stop.

We asked each of them to call out the sexist comments they experience every day and the ultimate sexist comments they have been at the receiving end of in their lives.

Rising to the occasion, Nicola Coughlan – who is about to star in Netflix’s big new period drama, Bridgerton – called out people who have made comments about her appearance. “You are very lucky as an actress, you’ll get interesting roles because you’re not one of the pretty girls,” Nicola powerfully revealed.

Mona Kattan who is part of the epic Huda beauty empire revealed her ambition has put her in the firing line of sexist comments. “People say to me, ‘Why do you work so hard? Why are you materialistic?’ The answer is, I love working hard!” HERE, HERE!

Nathalie Emmanuel, who also features in GLAMOUR’s new Spring/Summer 2020 issue, revealed her first experience of sexism came as a child. “I was maybe 11 or 12 and I expressed interest in boxing training, and I was told, ‘you can’t do boxing because you are a girl!’ I have a mean right hook now, so there’s that.”

Charli Howard revealed she’s had enough of being told to smile more by men. “An everyday sexist comment I am sure a lot of people get is, ‘you should smile more!’ Mate who do you think you are. I am not going to smile for you on cue; who do you think you are?”

Being told to smile more is something Nathalie Emmanuel also cites as being an example of everyday sexism that grinds her gears. “People have said, ‘you will be prettier if you smile more!’”

In the words of Nathalie Emmanuel, “if only we lived in a world where we didn’t have to educate men.” There is a never a truer sentence spoken. So, let’s share this video with our male counterparts and ask them to also say no to sexism when it occurs.

If you want to help us say no to sexism, post your own videos across social media calling out sexist behaviour. We look forward to hearing from you!

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