Nam Vo, queen of ‘dewy dumpling’ makeup looks, reveals how to make your skin seriously glow without any highlighter

Vo’s next step is applying the Natura Bisse Diamond Ice-Lift treatment. “This, they call it the ballerina mask because it’s really lifting and it sucks everything upwards, and it tightens the skin and brightens the skin.”

After about 15 minutes pass, Vo starts to peel it off. “Look at how it makes my face look, like, crazy, like plastic,” she says, referring to how shiny it looks before it comes off in one sheet.

After using a gentle exfoliating toner – Summer Fridays’ Soft Reset AHA Exfoliating Solution, to be specific – she applies Naturium Intense Overnight Sleeping Cream. “It’s like this nice souffle and it’s very inexpensive,” she says of the $25 formula, which she insists on applying on her neck and chest in addition to her face. She finishes the routine with AmorePacific Time Response Eye Reserve Creme.

At a total of $782 (£604), the routine is pricey, but you have to admit, the glow it creates is priceless.

Nam Vo is practically synonymous with highlighter. The beloved makeup artist is famous for her “dewy dumpling” look and the incredibly satisfying videos she posts to her Instagram showing how she applies light-reflective creams and powders to her models’ – and her own – cheekbones. But even though Vo has figured out how to fake a super radiant complexion, she also wants her skin to glow for real, without the help of shimmery makeup – and she showed her 323,000 Instagram followers how.

“Dumplings, it’s been a rough year, it’s been a rough week, but I’m gonna teach you how to regenerate your skin so you look like a glassy, dewy dumping dolphin or whatever,” Vo said in her Instagram Stories on Sunday, September 6. She then proceeds to go through her routine and drops the names of her must-have products, starting with Peach Lily Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser.

“Sometimes if I’m wearing sunblock or heavier makeup, then I’ll do an oil cleanser and this, but really, this takes off everything – oh, including my eyebrows,” she says of the face wash.

Next, we see steam rising from the bottom of the screen. “This is the Vanity Planet Steamer,” she reveals. “I do this routine, like, I don’t know, maybe once a week – usually on Sundays to set my skin up for success. And I sit under this thing for like 10, 15 minutes.”

Vo is then seen using the Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner by Skinesis. “I’m going to come in with this pore cleaner, and it helps to, like, suck out impurities in your skin,” she explains, noting that it’s most helpful on her nose.

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