Nails Fungus And You

So what does nail fungus look like? Normally our nails are clear, but nail fungus can change that. There can be lots of different symptoms of nail fungus. Many people will see yellow or white spots on their nails.

Others might notice a strange odor coming from their feet. Some people will see that their nails have become thick, brittle or even distorted in other ways. These are just a few of the toenail fungus symptoms. Having one of these signs might mean that you have nail fungus, but not always. However, if you see two or more of these nail fungus symptoms, you should certainly get the chance that you have toenail fungus has greatly increased.

Nail fungus is highly contagious. If you get infected with nail fungus at any point in your life and are able to successfully treat it, this does not mean that you are immune from getting it again. Since nail fungus is all around us in our everyday lives, it is very important to take preventative measures in order to help keep the nail fungus from returning.

Avoid wearing shoes that are tight or uncomfortable. It is important to let your feet and toes breath. Often times, since trauma is the result of a nail fungus, wearing tight shoes can be a similar traumatic experience on the toes. Wearing shoes that are causing discomfort on your feet and toes can cause toenail fungus to occur or cause a recurrence if having been treated.

Sanitize your shoes. There are a number of ways that you can disinfect your shoes as well. The cheapest methods would be to either wash the shoes (if they are washable) or spray them with a shoe sanitizing spray. There are also shoe sterilizing devices that are available that use a UV light to sterilize the shoes. Of course you may also throw out your shoes if you feel that they have been worn out and you no longer have an attachment to them.

Trim your nails. The longer the nails are the more opportunity the funguses have to grow and spread within your nail. Cutting and filing down the nails frequently can prevent the fungus from growing or entering at all. By removing that part of the nail, which has essentially been present for a longer period of time than the part of your nail that has just grown in, you will be eliminating the chances of infection. It is also a good idea to push your cuticles back as well. If you find that it is too painful to cut or file down the nails yourself, contact a podiatrist immediately.

Finally, as you now certainly realize, nail fungus is an infection. Like any infection, the healthier you are the better your immune system will be at fighting the infection. Nail fungus infections are no different. Staying active and eating right, while also changing your socks, will definitely increase your chances of preventing nail fungus from infecting you now and in the future.

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