July 20, 2024

Nail piercing is the chicest way to elevate your manicure

The nail piercing trend is growing on TikTok too, with videos including the trend surpassing 21. 8 million views.

“Accessories are a great way to put a whole look together and for me my nails are always an accessory whether it’s something simple like nude nail, or a bold look it always adds to the final look,” Iram adds.

How to pull off the pierced nail look at home

While going to a professional is probably the safest way to pull off this look, it is possible to do it yourself — you just need to take precautions so as not to damage your nails.

“You must be very careful if you decide to pierce your natural nails,” Iram advises. “If you’re someone who does a lot of cleaning, or washing then maybe they’re not ideal for you, as they can get caught on things. It is definitely more of an editorial look but if you choose to pierce them without a charm that dangles, they’ll probably be easier for you to manage. ”

She adds that while you can piece through gel nails, this would need an electric tool which she only recommends a professional doing.

“If you decide to piece your own nails, they need to be grown out a little so you have a free edge to pierce,” she says.

“Alternatively, you can try and pierce press on nails. This way you can save a trip to the salon and take them off at your own convenience. ”

While the look may be impractical, you can bet we’re still going to try it.

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