July 20, 2024

Mysteries of Women’s Logic

The term “female logic” has long been firmly established in our everyday life. Basically in the form of various jokes demonstrating the inability of a woman to think clearly and be in her reasoning adequate.

Thinkers of different times made attempts to comprehend the mechanisms underlying the feminine thinking, and failures in this direction to this day lead to quarrels and disagreements in the relationship. The correspondent of SE made an attempt to find out how a woman thinks and whether men have a chance to understand it.

Logic is a thought process, therefore the ironic “female logic” is nothing more than a designation of the peculiarities of women’s thinking. It really differs significantly from the male one and is therefore so mysterious and inexplicable for men. And if the male logic is just logic, then the female logic is a whole world, a whole complex of features, including a certain perception of the world, an understanding of the interrelations between feelings and actions, a certain way to make decisions and draw conclusions.

Alexander Zhukov, a psychotherapist of the unified register of professional psychotherapists in Europe, described the key features of women’s thinking.

Mysteries of Women's Logic

In a woman, the right and left hemispheres of the brain are better connected by a network of nerve endings, and as a result, the processes corresponding to different hemispheres can be performed simultaneously by the woman: talk and think, talk and do things. Also, that’s why everything in a woman’s life has an emotional, sensual color. For example, if in a telephone conversation a man only transmits or receives information, then the woman, in addition to the information, it is important to tell about all the subtleties and nuances of her experiences. Therefore, as people say, a man first thinks, then says, and a woman thinks when she speaks.

The woman also listens with the help of both hemispheres, so it is important to her, with what emotions the text is pronounced, in speech she is able to catch falsehood and insincerity. The man hears mainly with the help of the left hemisphere, with the participation of logical thinking and, consequently, perceives the informative component of speech, and critically.

Intuition is an amazing flair that tells a woman that she is right, regardless of whether she is right or not (Humor)

In the brain of a woman, there are two centers of verbal communication. The man has the center of orientation in place of one of them. Therefore, it is so important for a woman to speak and share feelings, and for a man to control herself in order to find a solution. Consequently, it is more difficult for men to verbalize their feelings and experiences, a woman is inseparable from them.

Mysteries of Women's Logic

The centers of emotions and logic in the female brain have a very close relationship. Between the center of love (there is such as it turned out) and sex (hypothalamus), there is a whole network of connections. And for men, the center of love is in the left hemisphere, the center of sex is in the right. As a result, the wife can not understand why her husband, changing it, says with unusual ease: “Come on, it’s purely physical. I still love you. ”

Of course, the above features allow exceptions, and stories are examples of women whose thinking was similar to that of men. Nevertheless, the described differences exist, and they must be taken into account, since their understanding is the foundation on which harmonious relations can be built.

“A woman is such an object that, no matter how hard you learn it, everything will be completely new” (Leo Tolstoy)

“Women need to relax and stop disputing the fact of the difference between men and women, because there is a difference, and it is conditioned by nature itself. Instead of trying to live like a man, it will be much more beneficial for the relationship to develop their purely feminine abilities, “Olesya Gritskevich, a psychiatrist, coach of the women’s psychological center” Incomparable. ”

Olesya offers, smiling, to say something like: “Darling, I did not understand what you meant when I told you yesterday that the flow stabilizes regardless of the predictions of the self-consistent theoretical model of the phenomenon. But I cooked the meat the way you like, and I’m very glad that you were promoted at work. I propose to celebrate it and give me a new fur coat and a diamond necklace about it, so when you return home on your first day of taking office, there will be a delicious dinner on the table, and on me only a fur coat and diamonds. ”

It is unlikely that this approach, as usual, will turn on the answering machine “Dear, we will discuss this later”, but the fur coat and diamonds will be very likely. At a minimum, the husband will appreciate your concern for him and the desire to make a holiday out of your life together.

“If you do not sin against logic, you can not come to anything at all” (Albert Einstein)

Continuing Einstein’s thought, I want to say: we are so different, but still we are together. Apparently, because some have something that others do not. In addition, apart from the differences between men and women, there is a more important ability – to complement each other and make it stronger and happier. Therefore we wish: watch, study each other and do not cease to be surprised!

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