April 13, 2024

My dry knees and elbows are obsessed with this hydrating body scrub

Dry, uneven texture on those areas have been the bane of my existence for literally years. No matter how many body butters, lotions, oils, or creams I apply, at the end of the day the dry bits around my elbows and knees always end up feeling like a sandpaper sample from Home Depot.

Part of my adult experience has included figuring out the best ways to take care of my body, starting with its largest organ: skin. After coming around to wearing sunscreen on a regular basis (moisturisers with SPF are my new go-to), and getting the complexities of my facial breakouts down to an exact science, my next target areas were my dehydrated knees and elbows.

That is, until I came across Follain’s Sugar and Shea Body Scrub one fateful day. After washing with body wash, I squeeze a little of the granular scrub into the palm of my hand. All I need is a quarter-sized amount of product per body part to get this wonder scrub’s full smoothing effect. It smells extremely fresh (like fresh lemons! ).

I was hooked the second I rinsed the scrub off my elbow mid-shower, and noticed how incredibly smooth and supple my skin felt. I don’t think I’ve ever really been able to use the phrase “smoother than a baby’s bottom” in earnest, but now I finally get it and couldn’t be more excited to hop in the shower.

This scrub is made with softening and moisturising emollients like shea butter, coconut and jojoba oil, as well as actual sugar crystals, which accounts for its uncanny ability to smooth over rough patches in five minutes or less. Since I’m borderline obsessed with multi-use products, it was practically a no-brainer for me to fall for this gentle, yet powerful scrub that easily buffs away dead skin cells with just a few small circles.

It also comes in a mess-free tube instead of a jar, which makes it easy to control the exact amount of product I want to use at one time. When I towel off, sometimes I find myself reaching for a tube of lotion, but then realise that I’m actually good without it.

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