This one simple mindset shift will help you find your soulmate and feel so much more empowered about love

Little did I realise that “waiting on a man” to feel complete and postponing my happiness until he arrived was actually blocking me from attracting my soulmate. My desperate, urgent and unhappy vibe was pushing away the same men I desired to magnetise.

So what changed it for me and helps my clients immensely in their journeys as single women?

This one simple yet powerful mindset shift, “Be happy now.” It is also a cornerstone step in the mindset work of my Soulmate Attraction Method that has successfully helped over 100 of my clients go from single to happily ever after.

When I embraced this mindset of “be happy now”, I stopped using my single status as an excuse to complain and stay unhappy.

I realised, once and for all, that my happiness was and will always be my own responsibility, with or without a man in it.

Once this mindset shift clicked, I attracted my wonderful husband to me within months. Even though I worked on many other aspects of myself, this mindset shift was fundamental in bringing him in.

As a relationship expert for high achieving, professional women, every day I get to hear my clients saying different variations of, “Sami, I plan to travel and see the world with him.”

“Sami, I cannot wait for him to come into my life and finally feel complete.”

“Sami, I cannot wait to stop feeling this loneliness and emptiness that I feel when I get home each evening after work.”

Can you relate?

Unfortunately, when I was single, I too spent precious years of my youth, struggling to find my dream man. I thought that if only I could find him, it would make everything better.

“Project Soulmate” felt exhausting and made my self-esteem dip. In fact, the harder I tried to grasp my happiness through finding a man, the more it seemed to elude me.

Today, as a relationship expert, it is easy to see this lack mindset in a client but back then, it was hard to catch this within myself.

When you stop feeling desperate or urgent to attract your amazing love and trust in divine timing while living your best life now already, you become a magnet for a high value man.

Starting today, if you´re reading this, I want to encourage you to adopt this mindset of “be happy now” by:

  1. 1. Living the best version of your life right now. Don’t hold yourself back from travelling to your favourite locations or giving yourself that which you desire to receive from a man. You can do that together with him, all over again.
  2. 2. Know that you are enough and complete and that two wholes make a happy relationship, not two incomplete people.
  3. 3. Love your own company instead of calling it loneliness and trust he is on the way.

Be happy now and manifest him like magic.

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