Can a girl become a good programmer?

I went to University to be a programmer, but do not dare to do it all the time think that others, especially men, better than me. Work astrofsica for 5 years, hate their jobs. Tired of seeing around successful programmers who get twice, even if they have no higher education. They love their work. Repeatedly tried to get involved in programming, but with the first difficulties give up, I think – well, where am I up to these guys, who as a child “hooked” on computer games and through them came to programming… and I’ve never played, and I think that makes me a bad programmer. I do drop everything if you see that others have it better – it was the same with a guitar, for example. Maybe just change the region? On the photo, drawing… although I think I’m worse than others, and again drop everything.

Veronica, 29 years

Может ли девушка, стать хорошим программистом?

Hello, Veronica! No case is given to people just like that, no one reaches the level of a specialist, not having spent a lot of time. There is a study that counted the number of hours required in order to consider yourself an expert. This is roughly ten thousand hours of employment.

Of course, it is important to have a vocation, but without prolonged concentration on one thing is impossible to achieve success. You would, in my opinion, if you started to not compete with boys who are interested in programming from the cradle, and with myself. You have the education and the necessary Foundation in the profession, and it doesn’t matter what gender you are women got a lot of good professionals in technical fields, including programming.

I would recommend to master the profession that you already have. It will require much less labor and time than to learn something new. Will become more confident in their profession – may be, you will understand that could do more.

But until you know what to change the profession, which is owned (though I think that’s not enough for her own), compete with them. Will be able to improve the results – it will give you the strength to further changes.

And try to perceive more successful programmers (especially women) not as rivals or more successful professionals, and as a good example that will inspire you and remind you that your achievements are in your hands, and they are not defined by your biological sex.

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