Movie crossovers that need to be made ASAP

History hasn’t been kind to big screen crossovers. Aliens vs. Predator or Freddy vs. Jason, anyone? That can’t stop us from dreaming about what could be though. If the right team, with the right writer and director got behind the project, some crossovers look almost bullet proof.

Here are just a few film franchise crossovers we want. No, we deserve!

Blade and Deadpool

Wesley Snipes’ Vampire assassinating hero, Blade, was Deadpool before Deadpool was on the big screen. Combing the two wise-cracking, ass-kicking, nearly unkillable sword wielding bad ass mother fuckers would probably make people’s heads explode and I would be first in line. Im not sure what villain could even test this tandem, but I hear Thanos has been running amuck…

The Rocketeer and Captain America

America, fuck yeah! Grab a hot dog, shoot off some fireworks and get ready for the most American mash-up ever. This would take some reverse engineering of the Capt. America movie universe, but isn’t impossible.

Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones

This is another one that may be long in the tooth, but maybe it could be a prequel with young Jones and Holmes teaming up to uncover some global plot. Puzzles. Grave robbing. Long-winded, aggressive, fourth wall shattering soliloquy. This needs to happen.

Robocop and Terminator

Mother of God! Watch out law breakers and time traveling robots, shit is about to go down. This is the perfect robotic buddy cop mash-up. Hell, maybe even throw in Johnny-five and make it a threesome. I just want to watch my two favorite robotic bad asses pound faces together.

Rambo and Predator

This one is perfectly suited as a versus movie. Two apex jungle predators going at it in a Costa Rican rain forest just for bragging rights. Rambo with his belt-fed M-60 and serrated survival knife. Predator with his alien arsenal including that gnarly shoulder mountain lazer cannon. Two men enter, one man leaves! Make it happen!

MiB and Ghostbusters

Hot damn this would be a hell of a good time and actually kind of makes sense. Sure, MiB are used to chasing the extra-terrestrial while the Venkman and crew fight ghost and goblins, but this wouldn’t be too hard to mesh together. Only one request here, don’t use the cast from the Ghostbusters reboot.

007 and Jason Bourne

One spy with a license to kill and another with a horrible case of amnesia. This one is almost too easy. Whether they team up or against each other, this could make for a spectacular film. Sipping martinis and killing people with books in showers, it’s a marriage made in heaven. Also, seeing Daniel Craig and Matt Damon punch each other in the face would be worth the price of admission.

Die Hard and Lethal Weapon

Yippy kay-ay motherfucker, these guys are all way too old for this shit. Be that as it may, this mash-up is an old-school action junkie’s wet dream. If there are any Gruber brothers left, Martin Riggs could certainly piss them off just as well. This has all the making of being the best Christmas movie ever!

Batman and Ironman

Back to the Superhero genre for a battle of bad boy billionaires. They’re both brilliant only children. They’ve both got some amazing toys. They’re both batshit crazy. It could be a vs. movie or a team-up, but I’d rather see them face off, personally.

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