Move over Bruce Wayne, these comic book characters are wealthy too

Bet your mom told you that being a hero wouldn’t pay the bills. Or being bad wasn’t going to keep you in a life of luxury either. No? Just mine? Geez. As it turns out, being good and bad in the comic book universe, does actually pay; quite well in fact.

Take Magneto for example; through various criminal acts and a lot of Nazi gold, he’s pretty rich.

Got a very big inheritance from her businessman father.

Built a tech company, which he sold to Wayne Enterprises. Plus he’s got 14 Ph.Ds and an Olympic gold medal.

A very successful, and evil, businessman.

He’s immortal, so that’s close to a thousand years of saving, good investments, antiques and good, old-fashioned treasure.

Owns Silver Sable International, and she’s a badass mercenary.

Owns a tech company, Frost International. Plus, she’s made of diamonds, so… there’s that.

Between some savvy investment and his family’s money, plus there’s the tuition for his school.

Apparently, Oscorp brings in at least $3 Billion a year, plus his ‘other’ ventures.

As the heir to Rand Enterprises, he funds the exploits of Heroes for Hire.

Warren Worthington III was a rich playboy even before he found his mutant powers, and now, he funds various X-men teams.

Kord Enterprises is an advanced tech company that uses alien technology for new inventions.

As a genius, Mr. Fantastic holds a lot of patents, that make him a lot of money.

Controlling 70% of the earth and it’s resources, it’s no wonder that Namor is so loaded.

Dubbed the smartest man in the world, Adrian Veldt became a superhero and a tech/energy magnate.

Oliver Queen and his company, Queen Consolidated are at the forefront of their industry. It has to be, because trick arrows aren’t cheap.

As the Kingpin, Fisk has dealings in all sorts of companies and criminal groups.

As the ruler of Latveria, and a genius inventor on par with Mr. Fantastic, it makes sense that he’s this rich.

LexCorp is involved in a lot of things; weapons, real estate, space exploration, so he’s very much, loaded.

Between all the money on gadgets and hostile takeovers, it’s surprising Bruce Wayne has any money left, but somehow, he’s still filthy rich.

As a defence contractor, and now involved in energy and tech, Stark Industries is one of the most lucrative businesses in the Marvel Universe.

He runs a country that has the only vibranium in the world, so this makes sense.

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