June 17, 2024

Mount Everest Will Have the World’s Highest Restaurant

When one thinks of the might Mount Everest, fine dining is likely among the last thoughts that comes to mind. Soaring some 29,035 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, making its ascension one of the most treacherous activities imaginable.

But what if you could have just a little more help to make it possible? Something to the tune of a seven-course finely prepared dinner while you’re making your improbable trek? Soon, that will be a reality.

A group of chefs have lofty plans to set a new world record for the highest-ever pop-up restaurant. Should they succeed in serving dinner some 11,600 feet above sea level at Everest Base Camp, they would fulfill their goal. Dubbed “Triyagyoni,” four chefs intend to take ten guests on an roughly weeklong trek at the end of the month. The plan is to start the journey at Lukla, Nepal (roughly 10,000 ft. above sea level, Lukla is a popular locale to arrive for anyone planning to scale Mount Everest), as they make their way toward the final destination, Everest Base Camp.

“The biggest challenge, of course, will be the altitude, which will affect everything,” Sanjay Thakur, an Indian chef who is one of the four behind the idea, recently explained to Fine Dining Lovers in an interview. “Flavor perception will be decreased, so we will be designing a menu of extraordinary dishes accordingly, where spices will have the upper hand. ”

Thakur and his team of chefs are also hoping to raise awareness of sustainability issues. As such, they plan to leave nothing behind after their meal is completed. The decor, which will be minimal, will be various pieces of wooden furniture. “The restaurant will be created within a tent due to high wind risk during this season,” Thakur told AD. In total, the journey and meal will cost around $5,600 (a fee that includes flights, accommodations, and meals).

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