Most of us are making this brow mistake every single day

Jasmine Sanders, or as you may know her Golden Barbie, fronts our list for ‘arched perfection’, we wonder if immaculately crafted brows will make a comeback in 2018.

Jasmine Sanders

Zoe Saldana

This year has seen the rise of bold bushy brows, but that doesn’t mean that our love for perfectly arched eyebrows is dead. Here’s Zoe Saldana giving a masterclass on immaculately shaped and yet, delicate brows.

Arched Perfection

Rita Ora

If you’re after a beauty look that says ‘fierce’, ‘flawless’ and ‘I woke up looking this good‘, make like our GLAMOUR girl Rita Ora. A powerful red lip, black eyeliner and two gorgeous arches.

Arched Perfection

Jaime King

Make like Jaime and finish off a sleek, sharp beauty look with the addition of two powerful arches. This is immaculate beauty at its finest.

Allison Williams

GIRLS star Allison is the quintessential American beauty – have you ever seen this lady with a hair out of place? And when it comes to matters of the brow, they are beautifully tweezed. Give yours some great shape, a la Allison by using any of the fab products from Tweezerman.

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt for a fiancé, Oscar-winner, fabulous wardrobe and a head of Hollywood-ready bouncy hair… We didn’t think there was much else we could envy about Angelina Jolie – that was until we saw her brows. Full, perfectly-shaped and possibly the most symmetrical of anyone’s… turns out there was.

Sofia Boutella

Actress Sofia Boutella is giving Cara Delevingne a run for her good brow money. Her bushy eyebrows are basically a statement on their own – no need for bold makeup.

Zoey Deutch

We’re pretty obsessed with Zoey Deutch at the moment. The actress has been serving some gorgeous beauty looks, like this rust-hued makeup + enviable bushy brows.

Kaia Gerber

Kaia’s eyebrows are a current obsession at the GLAMOUR office – along with her gorgeous hair, skin and catwalk skills. She is such a beaut!

Dua Lipa

Dua has been giving us ultimate brow goals since day one. We’re big fans of her dark, bold arches. Top marks!

Lily Collins

English rose Lily Collins keeps her beauty look natural, thanks to her porcelain skin and carefully maintained brow shape. We love the touch of casual cool her beanie hat adds.

Lily James knows very well that the effortless make up look suits her incredibly, the natural beauty looks super fresh with her brushed-up brows.

First off, Solange’s brows are absolutely excellent, but how could we feature this photo without discussing that incredible bright block eye makeup?! It’s bold, brave and beautiful.

The ever-stunning Emily Ratajkowski has some of the best brows around. They frame her face in the best way and make the ultimate statement.

Amandla Stenberg

Amanda’s brushed up brows are the perfect shape and size. They frame her face so well, too.

Hailee Steinfeld

Gorgeous actress Hailee certainly makes a statement with her brows, and we are rather obsessed with them. From the shade to the shape, they are pretty dreamy!

Sofia Vergara

Everything about Ms Vergara screams ‘bombshell’! From her voluptuous curves, bouncy waves, kissable lips and, of course, those unbelievable brows. Add texture and tone to yours in a similar vein using Anna Sui’s Eyebrow Colour Compact.

Diane Kruger

Diane’s brows are the most easily copied because they’re among the most natural. With just a hint of powder to fill in the colour, we love that the German-born beauty keeps the ends a little more natural and unkempt. Copy Diane’s look using Bobbi Brown’s natural brown and hair touch-up product.

Jessica Alba

Jessica is a bit of a GLAMOUR.com (beauty) crush anyway but we love how she’s styled her brows too. Leaving them thick and full at the ends and the middle, the arch is just over the brow bone, making them the perfect in-between for those who don’t dare do a Keira – just yet.

Kate Beckinsale

She’s one of our most successful exports to Hollywood and after experimenting with a super-short do in the 90s, Kate’s Cali-transformation at the beginning of the Noughties was masterfully topped off with perfectly arched brows. Long, lean and fabulous.

Emma Watson

Former Harry Potter star Emma Watson is pretty much perfect in every way and with faultless face-framing brows like this, we weren’t surprised when she bagged herself a Lancôme deal.


Singer Adele’s beauty look is that gets the major thumbs up from us. Thoroughly teased locks, dramatic eyes and a sharp brow to frame the finished look. Award-winning, wouldn’t you agree?

Penelope Cruz

Penelope has long been rocking the bold yet streamlined brow, thanks to her enviable Mediterranean colouring, so do follow her lead and keep dark brows ship shape with regular tweezing.

Natalie Portman

Sometimes the key to perfect sculpted eyebrows is in the length and not how thick they are. Enter Natalie Portman, who with a little help with a brow liner at the ends, is a shining example of how to rock statement, long brows. Get the look using Paul Joe’s eyebrow pencil duo.

Blake Lively

Doing bold brows as a blonde can be a tough gig. With naturally fairer, finer hair they can be sparser, which is why we’re loving Blake’s, who errs on the right side of statement with just a hint of sandy-toned liner. Try Clinique’s superfine liner for brows.

Lana Del Rey

Every retro beauty queen worth her salt knows that it’s all in the eyebrows when recreating the bygone looks of old, which is why we love Lana Del Rey’s modern take on the look. Keeping the shape slim, the brows are a shade or two darker than her burnt orange locks to get that dramatic face-framing look.

Olivia Palermo

As well as fashion tips, we’ve long been taking beauty notes from the lovely Olivia, too. With her naturally slender brows, we love that she’s faked their fullness by artfully brushing the brow hairs up to create a more statement, yet wearable look. Try Max Factor’s eyebrow pencil with brush to create the look.

Charlize Theron

Blonde hair and darker eyebrows is a beauty secret of old that just keeps making a comeback. However, Charlize Theron keeps the look modern, opting for a shade in the same colour palette and with slim, picture-perfect arches.

Kristen Stewart

You’d never guess that Kristen Stewart was a natural blonde with fair brows. But she is and in turn she’s become our poster girl for fair-haired girls gone dark. Whatever her hair hue might be – from chestnut brown through copper reds and raven black – K-Stew’s brows are always perfectly matched and totally natural looking.

Gisele Bundchen

Naturally pointed arches, although rare, can be difficult to style. Take supermodel Gisele’s lead though – instead of following the natural line of the brow, she keeps the fullness just underneath the point to soften the look.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox never fails to turn heads on the red carpet and we love how she achieved bold, statement brows at the Golden Globes. Megan wisely eschewed a brow pencil for powder here to get softer, more natural looking lines. Try Shiseido’s Eyebrow Styling Compact to make like Megan.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst’s eyebrows don’t have to be dark to make a statement. Keeping them full, yet perfectly pruned, these two are among our favourites.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Blonde brows don’t have to be muted, as proved by red carpet stalwart Gwyneth Paltrow, whose thick, perfectly groomed fair brows are one of our favourite templates!

Cara Delevingne

The ultimate eyebrow champion, step forward Cara Delevingne. Bold, beautiful and totally untamed, Cara D is naturally blessed with the best brows in the business.

Brooke Shields

Surely the most famous brows in showbiz though, belong to Brooke Shields. Proving that bold, bushy brows are a long-standing beauty statement, she’s been rocking them for years – much to everyone‘s envy.

Rachel Weisz

With raven-haired locks, often come smoulderingly thick and gorgeous eyebrows. Queue Rachel Weisz, who rocks the look to devastating perfection.

Kim Kardashian

Perfect plucking, if we ever saw it! Full marks to Kimmy K.

Jennifer Connelly

Brunette beauty Jennifer Connelly’s eyebrows have always been thick and luscious. We love that she keeps the shape by just taming the strays, so as not to dilute her strong brow.

Camilla Belle

Brow perfection? Consider it found! Channel Camilla’s dark and seductive brows with the help of an Yves Saint Laurent eyebrow pencil. In the darkest shade, obvs!


Working a thick, luscious brow is child’s play for Beyoncé, who’s been doing it for as long as we can remember. With only a natural curve in her arches, as opposed to sharp points, Beyoncé keeps them pitch-perfect by brushing the hairs at an angle.

January Jones

We love a dark powdered brow, and none are quite as spectacular as January Jones’ perfectly powdered set. Flawless.

Tyra Banks

Tyra’s beauty look has drama at every turn. The lips, the eyes and ,of course, the brows. With a slightly metallic hue, these are the kind of brows for a night out. Try a slick of Rimmel’s Scandaleyes eyeshadow stick in Bad Girl Bronze.

Sarah Hyland

If immaculate, manicured brows are your thing, Sarah’s beautifully cared for brows are a dramatic addition to any beauty look. Use a sharply angled brow brush to sweep powder up through the hairs. We like Japonesque beauty tools to for all our beauty application needs.

Paloma Faith

Another fan of the brow powder is Paloma Faith. And rightly so, these bold brows are to be applauded.

It’s not just the women though who are sporting perfectly groomed brows. Oh no, no, no! Enter the men who’ve qualified for our honourary Best Man Brows In The Business accolade.

David Beckham

He, of the quizzical brow (Google it), it’s Becks who we have to thank for men across the world smartening up their act and banishing the monobrow once and for all. A purveyor of the trend for neat man brows and general manscaping, Becks freed millions of men from the shackles of taboo in 2003 when he admitted to getting facials, massages and even his above-eye banks of hair seen to. What. A. Man.


What beauty look book would be complete without a shot of this man? Sex god extraordinaire Robert Pattinson, won a legion of fans back in ’08 when he first appeared on our screens as vamp Edward Cullen. While many were unable to pull their gaze from his generally amazing face, some of us couldn’t help but notice his illustrious brows – a sure sign of virility – perfectly demonstrated by the man himself, here.

Brad Pitt

Brad’s been a beauty idol for us for nearly 20 years now and rightly so. Bushy, yet perfectly contained… Just look at those delicate circumflexes.

Jon Hamm

Pass us a scotch while we sit back and enjoy the view of the immaculately groomed Jon Hamm. Bushy, yet still arched, this is facial topiary at its very best – amazing stuff.

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