More brilliant ideas we wish existed everywhere

One of my, and many people’s, new favorite staple galleries is the budding futuristic creations that are starting to pop-up everywhere, but have yet to hit critical mass. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope these innovations start going widespread ASAP.

A bottle opener right in the bath, just in case you’re the beer in shower type. Really, who isn’t?

The world’s first road made of solar batteries.

In this bar, beverages are served in levitating glasses.

A bracelet to hold your keys while running.

This building in Chicago has a map of the surrounding area with its own location marked.

The contents of this empanada are labeled on the crust. Perfect for when you buy food for the whole family and have no clue what’s what.

This etched door knob for those who are wearing gloves.

A solution to feeding stray dogs.

This restaurant has a breathalyzer on the counter so that you can make a wise decision whether you are good to drive or should call an uber instead.

Knee-activated faucets found at a supermarket in Italy.

These fitted TV trays given to people who order food at the bar.

These hexagon crayons won’t roll off the dining room table as easily when your kids use them.

The shower handle in this hotel room bathroom is on the other side so you can avoid getting wet when turning it on.

OR if you prefer this hotel’s shower door specifically designed for the same purpose to protect you from getting wet while you set the water temperature.

This stall for your dog outside a supermarket in Copenhagen

The glass windows in this restroom that allow folks to watch TV while they relieve themselves.

And, no, people can’t see through the glass from the bar side. That would be beyond awkward.

This pizza place gives you instructions on how to reheat your pizza with your receipt.

This bar’s paper towel holder has a USB charger.

This hotel has a rope you can pull right from your bed to turn off every single light in the room. WANT.

No water will go to waste after you wash your hands in this two-for-one sink/laundry machine.

This airport has a therapy dog for people to pet before they fly.

This grocery store offers a “free chilling service” that can make your wine cold in only five minutes.

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